The slow-paced weekend guide to Copenhagen

Not to miss in CPH_12

Copenhagen is one of our favorite places in the world. We love everything about it: the city is not too big but offers thousands of possibilities, almost everyone is friendly (and really good-looking), the architecture and design are outstanding and there is a fantastic food scene. We’ve decided to put together our list of recommendations in case you are thinking about visiting Copenhagen. These are just some of our favorite places and things to do for a laid-back, relaxing weekend. Don’t expect a full guide of monuments, transport tips or historical facts. But! If you want to spend a few days wandering around Copenhagen, eating great food, doing some shopping and enjoying life, then this might be of your interest.



You know we love our slow-paced breakfasts. Well, we have enjoyed some of the bests ones in Copenhagen. DagH and Café Norden are our absolute favorites. DagH café is a little bit away from the city center, but it deserves the walk. It’s cool and has the best pancakes. Café Norden, on the other hand, is located in the heart of the city, Stroget. It’s also the perfect place for a ginger and lemon tea (with biscuits, of course). If you want to join the cool kids for breakfast, then Atelier September is for you.




Foodies shouldn’t miss Torvehallerne, the biggest food market in the city. Even though this gourmet market trend can be a little annoying (they are taking over the world like Starbucks did and now every city has to have its own gourmet fashionable market), this place is a great destination if you love food.


We did a whole post about Gorm’s pizza, so we have to add it to this list. For those of you with a sweet tooth, Lagkagehuset could be paradise. There are a few locations around the city so you can just jump in, grab a coffee and a Danish pastry to go.  They also have great sandwiches so if you are thinking about a picnic, this is your place too.

Copenhagen can be cold. So look for Hotel Chocolat and warm up with a hot chocolate with mousse texture. Heaven.

Don’t miss the ham and fig pizza at Neighbourhood, in the hip Vesterbro area. It’s also a great place for a different weekend brunch.


Neighbourhood_14 Neighbourhood_5

Try the best burger in Copenhagen here or one of the best burgers of the world at the übercool Gasoline Grill.

Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_8 Gasoline Grill Copenhagen_1

And a visit to Copenhagen wouldn’t be completed without a delicious dinner in one of our favourite restaurants in the world: Geist. To say that everything on their menu is delicious is an understatement. Geist is surprising and innovative, full of personality and unexpected combinations.

Geist_15 Geist_28 Geist_8

But what about traditional open faced sanwiches? We goy that covered too: for an updated version of the classics based in seasonal produce with a twist, go to Almanak. Besides, it has a lovely terrace overlooking the inner harbour.

Almanak_14 Almanak_8 Almanak_12


If you want to splurge, choose the classic Hotel d’Angleterre. Bear in mind that there are some pretty huge works going on just in front of it, you it may be a little bit noisy.

Our favourite boutique hotel in Copengahen has to be SP34. It’s casual but has a strong personality, it’s located in the Latin Quarter and design is key.



If you have a nice budget you can book a lovely room at the Admiral Hotel. The location is great and if you have a room overlooking the harbour your mornings will be spectacular. Don’t leave the hotel without having dinner at its restaurant, Salt. And ask for the smoked cod mousse with chips to dip in. Oh my!

If you have a limited budget, go for Wake Up Copenhagen. They have two locations, but the one in Bordergade is perfect. It’s one of those new design yet basic hotels. You’ll get a good value for your money.

If you are almost broke… well, save a little bit and don’t go to Copenhagen just yet. Better choose Berlin this time.


Visit all the interior design shops you find. Illum Bolighus is the Scandi design mecca. It’s huge, so save a few hours to explore it. Next to it you’ll find Royal Copenhagen, a classic. Hay is a must too. Their store in Oestergade is great. Look for their amazing staicase. Once there, you’ll have one of the best views of Stroget.


Bundle up and take a long walk along Larsens Plads and through Kastellet until you get to the Little Mermaid. Take the mandatory picture. Instagram it immediately.

Buy a pair of sneakers. You’ll find the most amazing sneakers in Copenhagen. All the cool kids wear them.

A walk in Vesterbro_5 A walk in Vesterbro_14

Explore Vesterbro and Osterbro. Vesterbro is the home of the hipsters with lots of designer shops and nice restaurants. Osterbro is a classy area full of designer shops and modern cafes. Different vibes, different styles, different tribes… But the exact same love for clothes, coffee and food.

Copenhagen_Winter_4 Copenhagen_Winter_10 copenhague_5

Rest a little bit in the gardens that surround the Rosenborg castle. If you are lucky and the weather is nice, there’s no better place to be. Well… maybe the Library Gardens that, as cliche at it sounds, are a beautiful gem hidden in the city center.

Discover the coolest street in Copenhagen, Jaegersborggade, and all that Norrebro has to offer. Multicultural but so Danish at the same time, this neighbourhood truly deserves a visit.

Norrebro_CPH_5 Norrebro_CPH_11 Norrebro_CPH_3

Remember your childhood at Tivoli.


Tivoli_Copenhagen_17 Tivoli_Copenhagen_7

Finally, don’t be afraid of being too touristy and book one of those little cruises that show you the  city from the water. You won’t regret it!

Cruise_Copenhagen_4 Cruise_Copenhagen_15 Cruise_Copenhagen_3

And if you don’t have much time, here you have our 10 favourites, our musts in the happiest city of the world!