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We have to confess that we’ve been listening to Christmas carols and tunes all weekend. And once we’ve heard All I want for Christmas is you, there’s no going back. For us, it’s already Christmas. In a few weeks we’ll be preparing our suitcases to visit our family for Chistmas because that’s what you do when you are an expat. But we secretly want to spent this Christmas in Zurich. Chocolate, Chistmas market and snow? What more can you ask for? Well, family and friends. That’s why we will be travelling to Spain ;) But a Christmas city break in Zurich… Oh, wouldn’t it be nice?


WHITEPOD is an eco luxury resort placed at the foot of the Dents-du-Midi mountain range. It has these amazing pods with with wood-burning stoves, organic luxury bedding and full service bathrooms. Luxury camping!