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More makeup gurus

Last year we talked about my Your Tube make up gurus. Since then, my obsession with beauty and makeup Your Tube channels has increased (maybe alarmingly, ehem). I’ll admit it: I spend a fair amount of time watching makeup tutorials, hauls and reviews. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s pretty relaxing!  So I thought I’ll share with you my new favourites! You know, sharing is caring and all that jazz… Lily Pebbles: if you have brown eyes, you’ll love her channel… Lots of ideas for (otherwise boring) brown eyes. You’ll love it too if you love eating, you are not a fan of exercising and if you need inspiration for your monochrome, casual wardrobe. Shameless fripperies: I discovered Karima’s channel thanks to Lily and I loooooooooooooove it. She has a fantastic Australian accent and she does foundation like I’ve never seen before. Check this video! And this could be my favourite tutorial ever. I covet thee: Alix is a sweet girl who makes really nice videos that include makeup, Nutella cookies and lots of stripe …

Weekend style icons: Jacey

Hi everyone! How was your week? I’m completely sure that ours has had one or two more days than usual. Really. Someone has fooled us. They added an extra Tuesday or something. Anyway, here you have your weekly dose of inspiration. Meet Jacey, from Damsel in Dior.

Make up gurus

It’s been a long time since I wanted to publish this post. Don’t you love make up youtoubers? Watching make up tutorials in You Tube is one of my guilty pleasures. I find it oddly relaxing! besides you can always learnt one thing or two. These are my favourite make up gurus: 1. Michelle Phan: she was the first person I watched in You Tube. I don’t know how I got to her channel, probably through some blog. Anyway, she has evolved a lot and has created her own make up brand. Some of her videos now are crazy and involve Manga characters, but she shares thousands of useful tips and she is sweet. 2. Vivianna does make up: she has that girl next door vibe going on and I love it. I think we could be besties. She is fun, normal and does weekly vlogs that I can’t stop watching (which makes me feel like a stalker, to be honest). Anyway, I love her channel. 3. Lisa Eldridge: She is the queen of make …