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Get organized!

Lately we’ve been stuck at work for long, long, long hours, each of us working in different proyects and basically girlbossing the hell out of our jobs. That got me thinking that, while I always find lots of posts online about tips for freelance workers and cool bloggers, I hardly come across any corporate job/long hours at a sad desk/I can’t stand my coworkers organizational tips posts. And since we’ve been feeling on fire workwise, we’ve put together some clues, hints and suggestions for those of you who work in an office, because maybe yout job is not very flashy but it’s surely necessary for the correct development of our society.  Normal people, the world needs us. We matter. Get a useful, pragmatic, cut to the chase paper calendar or diary. Nowadays there are lots of beautiful, Instagram worthy calendars, but my advice is: buy one that is simple, has plenty of space to write and take notes and doesn’t distract you. The point of a good calendar is to keep you focused, not distract …

My work bag collection

For the last six years I’ve been thinking about buying a beautiful pale blue Loewe Amazona bag although lately I’ve really been into the classic and cute Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis bag. Will I ever buy any of those bags? I doubt it. I just don’t feel like spending that much money in one bag when, for the same price, I can book a plane ticket and a nice boutique hotel stay. #Priorities. However, I do love bags and I try to get a decent cost per wear ratio when buying a new one. So if I were to invest in a luxury bag, it would definitely be a work bag. I’m working most of the time, so I might as well have a nice bag to do so… I’m very happy with my work bag collection, though. It’s a normal working girl collection. It’s not high-street but it’s not luxury. I have all the neutral shades cover, I have a bag for fancy meetings and a bag for casual Fridays, I have an “all …

The right clothes for a woman in her 30s

As much as we love casual clothing, sometimes we need to dress up a little bit to attend work related meetings and events. We are lucky enough to work in creative atmospheres where the strict corporate look is not necessary. However, being lazy dressers ourselves is quite easy to end up wearing jeans, flats and sweaters most of the time (guilty as charged). But Spring is coming and we are determined willing to make an effort. Better temperatures always cheer us up and make us want to step up our game, even at the office. But what to wear? We are in our 30s so we have to look the part… Well, take a look at these Gerard Darel proposals. We think they are right choice for a working woman in her 30s.

Emerson Fry Fall/ Winter 2014

Emerson Fry has been on our radar for a couple of years. They make wearable, beautiful collections that create by themselves the perfect wardrobe for the working woman. And let me emphasize the word woman. Their pieces are timeless, elegant and they claim to have the best USA quality.  The cuts and the subtle details make their looks perfectly polished. Here you have our favorite looks, if you’d like to see…

Radio Silence

Please excuse the radio silence this past two days. Work has been crazy! We’ll be back on Monday with our normal schedule, our final post about our trip to Amsterdam, a delicious recipe and much more! Have the best weekend ever!


I saw this exact picture in a magazine a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been dreaming about this outfit. That jacket, sigh! The cut, the neutral colours, the belt, those stripes strategically placed to enhance the waist and the shoulders… Perfection! I normally won’t like  such a matchy matchy outfit, but in this case I love how the stripes of the skirt lengthen the silhouette. Whithout being overly girly, the results is no doubt ultra feminine. It’s quite pricey, though… but it could be a great investment for your working looks, don’t you think? You can buy it here. Image via Belstaff.

Happy weekend!!

Any plans for the weekend? I’ll be working the whole weekend. Every. Single. Day. I’m quite nervous because we’re opening a contemporary dance festival!!! It’s the second edition and I’m the manager, so I’m acting cool… but I’m screaming inside. I hope everything goes well! Fingers crossed! Anyway! We wish you a lovely Spring weekend (if you are lucky and Spring has arrived wherever you live) and we’d love to see you on Monday!! PS: See? We can’t stop thinking about bicycles!!


Carven has solved one of my biggest wardrobe problems: how to dress when temperatures rise, the sun shines but I still have to go to work. I never know what to wear! Outside is hot but air conditioning makes the office a little refrigerator.