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An ode to Zara

We moved to Bremen almost three years ago. During all this time we’ve been hoping Zara would open a shop in Bremen. Yeah, we don’t have Zara here. For two Spanish girls like us that means we live in a tiny village because cities, even towns, they have Zaras. Yes, that’s how we define the importance of a place. By the Zaras it has. Anyway, since rumor has it that we will enjoy the neverending charms of this Spanish brand really soon (and I hope this time rumors are true!) we’ve put together a selection of pieces that we can’t wait to buy when Zara finally opens its door in Bremen. As you can see, we love the masculine vs. feminine style. From the perfect pieces to achieve cool casual looks: boyfriend jeans, cozy knits, chelsea boots or light blue shirts (2.,4.,7. & 11.) to the best items to create a comfy yet serious work outfits: beautiful camel or grey total looks, tailored skirts paired with denim or stylish carrot pants (5., 6., 8., 9. …

Autumn Wanderlust Wish List

This season we are going to be really busy. Work and new personal projects will make our lifes a little bit complicated but, as usual, we will try to squeeze some trips in our schedule. Life without those little getaways would be unbereable for us! This is our Autumn Wanderlust Wish List… some of the destinations are more realistic that others, but, hey, a girl can dream, right?

Fall wish list

This year we’ve decided to save a bit, so this Fall wish list is quite realistic. We need some slippers. Topshop would do the trick. A nice polka dot shirt. This one is from Marc O’Polo, a nice brand that we discovered here, in Germany. It has a natural, simple and tomboyish style. Opi’s Danke- Shiny Red. Just because. Palermo Bag by Jill Stuart. Well, this should be a little bit expensive, but it is beautiful isn’t it?