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White chocolate cake with lemon butter cream

Even though I love baking I don’t like spending hours in the kitchen and I have to admit I’m scared of lots of recipes because they look so complicated. I just feel I won’t be able to achieve a decent result. If you are a little bit like me you’ll love this cake: it’s incredibly easy to prepare but looks way more complicated that it actually is. Besides, it would be the perfect end to last week’s menu.

White chocolate and walnuts minimuffins

Autumn is here and I’m going to make the most of it. That is: bake, eat and then going to the gym… If it doesn’t rain too much. If it does, then I’ll just feel guilty but I will eat anyway. Rainy days, great books of films, blankets and hot beverages with sweet treats define my Autumn. And I just can’t wait. That’s why we have just started baking. First recipe of the season: super easy yet super yummy white chocolate and walnuts minimuffins. You will need this: 90 gr. Butter 100 gr. Sugar 2 Eggs A little bit of grated lemon rind Half a teaspoon of baking powder 100 gr. Flour White chocolate Walnuts First, melt the butter and let it cool. Then beat the eggs and the sugar until you get a white cream. Add then the lemon rind. Now is time to sif the flour and add it until combined. But don’t work on it too much. Finally, add the butter almost cold and stir it into the dough. Put the dough …