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Weekend Style Icons: Erea

Today we are off to London! We can’t be more excited! I’m attending a course this weekend and P. is going to explore the city on her own, so it’s going to be a challenge for both of us! As always, we want to finish the week with a dose of inspiration. Today, let us introduce you to Erea, a freelance stylist based in Madrid.

Eggs Benedict

So we made eggs benedict for breakfast this weekend. Or at least we tried. We’re talking about a first here… We had never poached an egg before and, well, let’s say we needed a few attempts, ehem, but we finally got a couple of nice eggs benedict. And they were soooo good!! We chose bacon this time, but they would have been great with slices of smoked salmon too. Maybe next weekend? Here you have our recipe, but I warn you, preparing this dish can be quite stressful. Everything happens at the same time, so you’d better have a partner in crime!

Have a sunny weekend!

This is a scheduled post because hopefully when you read this we will be lying on the beach… just like the woman on the picture ;) I always take my favourite pillows to the beach, don’t you? We wanted to wish you a happy sunny weekend!!! Any nice Spring plans? A picnic maybe? Wherever you are and whoever you are: enjoy the weekend!!! PS: we are on Twitter!! To be honest I don’t understand how it really works, but I’m doing my best to learn! Do you want to hang out? Look for @theslowpaceblog :) Image:Vogue

Happy weekend!!

Any plans for the weekend? I’ll be working the whole weekend. Every. Single. Day. I’m quite nervous because we’re opening a contemporary dance festival!!! It’s the second edition and I’m the manager, so I’m acting cool… but I’m screaming inside. I hope everything goes well! Fingers crossed! Anyway! We wish you a lovely Spring weekend (if you are lucky and Spring has arrived wherever you live) and we’d love to see you on Monday!! PS: See? We can’t stop thinking about bicycles!!

Have a fun weekend!

Life is difficult sometimes. It gets sad. But it’s beautiful too, so we should celebrate the small pleasures and enjoy the moment! I wish you all a fun weekend: drink some cocktails, meet your friends, dance a little bit… Live, smile and love! PS: and if you want, follow us on Bloglovin and Facebook ;) Image via There goes the cupcake

Another rainy weekend…

This weather is starting to get on my nerves. I need Spring… but real Spring, not this windy, rainy, sometimes even snowy, cold dark thing that the calendar calls Spring. We have to put up with another cold rainy weekend. Sigh! Oh, well, let’s make the most of it!!! Books, magazines and films are going to be our best friends yet another weekend. And who knows? Maybe I finally have time to finish a home project that involves paint, pictures and nails ;) Have a lovely weekend!!! E&P Image via Douce-France

Have a fun weekend!

Any plans for the weekend? We are going to the cinema tonight to see Quartet, the first film directed by Dustin Hoffman. I’ve heard is quite funny so I’m looking forward to it! This week has been a little bit hard and I want to finish it with a good laugh. Tomorrow we’re going to Hamburg, so we are excited because that means shopping! ;) On Sunday we will work on some new surprises for the blog, (stay tuned!) and we will read every post available about Milan fashion week, a great Sunday, don’t you think? What about you? I hope you have a great fun weekend!!!

Weekend, at last.

Hello! How are you? We are exhausted! This week has been reaaaaally long. Monday was just four days ago??? Seriously??? We are welcoming our beloved friend, the weekend, with open arms, a blanket, a nice film, a pile of books and lots of popcorn. Oh, Friday nights, you are the best! What about you? Any plans? Tomorrow we want to hit the sales and try a new restaurant. On Sunday we may go to the gym… but I can’t promise you anything ;) Wherever you are and whoever you are, have a nice weekend!!! Image via NaturallyElla