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Weekend style icons: Mary

Hello from Cádiz! We are spending a few days with the family, enjoying some quality time with our beloved 4 year old nephew and our cute and charming little niece :) Even though all we wear at the moments are swimsuits and denim cutt offs we don’t forget our weekend casual dose of inspiration. It’s Friday so it’s time for a new Weekend Style Icon. Today we are inspired by Mary, from the blog Happily Grey.

Weekend style icons: We need your help!

We’ve run out of weekend style icons!!! So we decided to ask for your help, as we did when we were looking for new make up gurus!! Do you know any fashionable blogger that hasn’t appeared in our WSI section? Someone that rocks the casual look? Are you a fashion blogger? Do you have an effortlessly cool weekend wardrobe? Do you want to be featured as our Weekend Style Icon? Leave your links on the comment section! Thank you so much!!! Happy weekend!!! We hope you have a great one!!! Image via Buzzfeed

Weekend Style Icons: Levi

Hi there! How was your week? Ours was stressful! As you read this I’ll be flying to Italy for a family gathering. So this week was all about having everything done work wise. Of course, I did all the packing yesterday night. And to do so, I was inspired by Levi, from the blog Tlnique. She masters the polished casual look, just what I was looking for!

Weekend style icons: Yara

Let’s start the weekend with a great cup of coffee and some style inspiration. Today we welcome Yara, the girl behind the brand new web-that-you-must-check Chapter Friday. We already followed her when she was just a chick with style but now that she hosts blogging masterclasses, works as a freelance editor for Elle and has created the wonderful and inspirational space that Chapter Friday is, we can’t help but adore her. Besides, she looks fantastic with her platinum hair!

Weekend style icons: Shini

Hello there! How was your weekend? Ours has had up & downs… being my mum’s visit a super up and me being sick a super down. Anyway! Here you have some amazing style inspiration for the weekend. I’m sure you all know her, but for those who live under a rock and don’t… Meet Shini from the absolutely perfect blog Park & Cube!