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Weekend Style Icon: Sabrina Meijer

How was your week? Ours was quite stressful… Let’s welcome this weekend with one of our ost beloved weekend fashion icons! Sabina Meijer, alias AfterDRK. She is one of the first bloggers that I followed, I actually don’t remember how I discovered her blog, but I check it out every day since then. Her minimalistic sober and mostly monochromatic style fascinates me. She is über cool!

Weekend style icons: Trini G

I’ve recently discovered Trini G’s blog and all I can say is that I loooooove it. It’s a jewel! Seriously, this girl has become one of my all time style icons. I love her! I was completely surprised by her because she is super young but has an amazing classic style. If ‘ll have to describe her I’d say she is like little Sofia Coppola meets little Diane Keaton. With a tiny Audrey Hepburn touch. No, I’m not exagerating. Look at the pictures if you don’t believe me…

Weekend Style Icon: Andy Torres

Lets talk about loooong legs. Who doesn’t want them? Andy Torres. Why? Because she has the longest legs from the blogosphere! She totally rocks mini skirts and skinny jeans and although she tends to show edgy kind of sophisticated looks, we prefer her casual outfits. And even more if they involve white jeans. Look at her! Cool, right?