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The best places to enjoy the first days of Spring in Paris

During our last stay in Paris we were really lucky and enjoyed what seemed to be a Spring sneak peek (notice the fashion week / blogger slang ;) After living for two years in the gloomy North of Germany, we have learnt that the best things in life are sun and light. They cheer you up and they make everything look better and warmer. So when in Paris, we decided to enjoy the first soft Spring rays of sunlight to the fullest… like there was no tomorrow. Just us and the sun. And the loveliest benches, squares, boulevards and corners of Paris, of course. Here you have a selection of our favourite places to enjoy sun like little ladybirds or grumpy retired old men, which in my opinion are the groups that dedicate most hours to this matter.

Paris on a budget: a little guide for your first trip to Paris

I’ve been working on this little guide for a few weeks. If you are wealthy, have all these bags and you think you will never take the metro… well I don’t know how you got here… welcome!! But sorry, this post isn’t for you. If you are young, you have a small budget but love travelling and want to make the most of Paris, then keep reading. This might be helpful. I really hope so! A few years ago we were a little bit poor, not too much, just a little bit, but we wanted to visit Paris so bad that we saved some money, got on a plane and spent four amazing days discovering the city, eating baguettes and window shopping like crazy. Being on a budget and loving expensive things is hard, but with a little bit of time to browse the internet, patience to prepare your trip and lots of enthusiasm, you can live awesome experiences!! Having said that, I have to admit that now that we can afford wonderful hotels and …

London Day 1

So we went to London the week before fashion week. Yep. That’s us. Great timing. Always. Anyhoo… we had a great time so we thought some of you (if there is anyone out there, hello?) would find interesting our little routes around London. Day 1!!! We started our day with a nice walk from our hotel The Grosvenor to one of the most famous places in London: Buckingham Palace! The weather was amazing. It was strange because it didn’t feel like the last days of Summer… it was more a Spring-is-coming-yay! feeling. Weird but oh so nice!

Gran Vía, Madrid

I love Madrid, I think it’s a fantastic city. I’ve spent the most amazing years there and I always love to come back. One of my favourite things to do in Madrid is walk all the way from Plaza de Cibeles to Plaza de España, that is, enjoying the heart of Madrid: Gran Vía. I would like to share with you my favourite shops, restaurants and clubs along this wonderful street.