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A walk in Vesterbro

We shared our thoughts about Vesterbro, the hippest area of Copenhagen, a couple of years ago after our first visit. Last month, during our latest stay in Copenhagen, we came back and revisit this cool district and discover new favourites. Vesterbro is full of cafes and restaurants that are a magnet for those in search of the perfect Instagram snap, but it also oozes local authenticity. Vesterbro is a strange mixture. One the one side you have those typical bad neighbourhood vibes, even more the further you walk away from the city center, but on the other side you can visit some of the most cosmopolitan spots in Copenhagen. One of them is Værnedamsvej, a narrow side street that hosts cool shops like Aesop or Samsoe & Samsoe (check their cashmere sweaters!), boutique bakeries, wine shops and one of the most famous cafés in Copenhagen: Granola. Of course this was our first stop. A nice cup of coffee warmed our hands on that beautiful, crisp Autumn day. The vintage atmosphere is beautiful, the gorgeous light and …

Out and about in Vesterbro

Vesterbro is the hipster area of Copenhagen so that means it is probably the hipsterest place on Earth (apart from Austin, Texas). You would expect beards, plaid shirts and lots of bikes. Well, you’ll find thousands of bikes, but that’s normal in Copenhagen. However, no abundance of beards or obvious trends in sight. Oh no. They are cooler than that. Subtle, relaxed and extremely polite. That’s Vesterbro.