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Risi e bisi

This is one of my favourite dishes. It’s a Venetian recipe that my grandmother used to prepare all the time. Sadly, we lost her recipe when we lost her seven years ago. I’ve tried to recreate it since then and, although the results never match her delicious creamy spicy Risi e Bisi, I’ve came up with a quite nice dish.


Short afternoon post to show you another highlight of our trip to Italy last month. This is a tiny village located just some kilometers away from Vicenza. We made a short stop in our way to Bassano del Grappa to have an ice espresso coffee and have a look at the its two castles, the one on the top of the hill and the one in the main square.

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is one of those little villages that steal your heart. It might not appear in most of the guides about the Veneto region but it’s one of the nicest places you could visit. It’s the perfect setting for long walks and has the most amazing sunsets. Placed under the mountains and crossed by the river Brenta, Bassano del Grappa will make you want to sell everything, buy a house by the river and forget abour the world.

Trattoria Al Pompiere, Verona

Remember we told you that Verona is beautiful and that if you go you should eat at Al Pompiere? Well, if we recommend something is because we truly think is worth a visit! A couple of weeks ago, during our holidays in Italy, we decided to spend a day in this charming town and we ate at Al Pompiere, of course!


I always say that Vizenza is the hidden jewel of Veneto. Usually, people visit Venezia, Verona or even Padova, but they forget one of the nicest cities in Italy: Vicenza. It’s a small, elegant and quiet city full of beautiful buildings design by Palladio, small paved streets and wonderful shops. Last time I visited I was very lucky, because the city was celebrating the Monte Berico Virgin Festivities.