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Baked courgette fries

When it comes to Christmas there are two kinds of people. Those who wear velvet and entertain and those who spend the holidays in pyjamas while eating their weight in sweets.  Are you one of those people who plans lovely Christmas gatherings at home and dresses up? Then we have a lovely, healthy appetizer for you. Are you a pyjama wearer, TV marathon binge watcher? Here you have a delicious snack that will make you eat veggies while leaving more place for chocolate. You will need (serves 2): 1 large courgette 50 g ground almonds 30 g Parmesan cheese, grated 1/2 tsp oregano A small pinch of cayenne pepper 1 egg We found this recipe in this book, that it’s one of our favourite cookbooks ever, as you probably know if you have been following us for a while. Or for two weeks, for that matter. We talk about it all the time and we have prepared almost every single recipe of the book! Anyway, the steps to get these delicious baked courgette fries are …

Healthy lunch: green beans and marinated chicken breasts

Good morning everyone! New Year resolutions are almost one month older. How is it going? We are trying… Eating healthier is always our number one resolution. That, and going to the gym regularly. We have gone to the gym once. Yeah… Nailed it. Oh, but we are having the healthiest lunches! We are really proud. That’s why we thought we could share them with you! Yes, you can stop having crappy sandwiches at the office and start enjoying super tasty healthy dishes that you can prepare in aprox. 30 minutes the night before. Let’s start with our first menu: green beans with marinated chicken breasts.