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Coconut and vanilla cake

This is my favourite time of the year. Advent in Germany is glorious. The otherwise dark afternoons are now full of twinkling lights, poffertjes scent and happy people drinking Glühwein at the Christmas market. Since we have already watched Love, actually there is only one thing to do until Christmas: bake, bake, bake! This recipe is our take on a coconut loaf from this book. You see,  I got a cookbook focused on vegetables for my bithday but all I’ve tried so far are a couple of dessert recipes. These amazing salted caramel chocolate brownies, for instance. So me. However, my intentions are good:  we try to eat healthy most of the time… that’s why I’m munching on spicy kale chips while writing this post and we used coconut sugar instead of refined sugar for this recipe.  If only to spread a good amount of Nutella over this delicious cake afterwards, though. This cake has lots of perks: the ground almonds, spelt flour and coconut sugar make it lighter and easier to digest, the preparation …

Vanilla cheesecake

Cheesecake was my baking unfinished business. Until last weekend. I have tried a couple of times, but I’ve never achieved what I was looking for. I wanted something creamy but fluffly, sweet but not overly so, something with a fruity or spicy touch. And on top of that, I wanted something easy to prepare. And I’ve found the perfect recipe!