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  We are finally heading home for our holidays. Madrid, Cádiz, Seville, Verona and Vicenza are in our travel route. We will be spending time with our families and friends trying to make the most of the next two weeks. We have scheduled a few posts for you because we want to relax. We also want to… Visit the Vogue like a painting exhibition at Thyssen Bornemisza Museum Eat our weight in ice cream at Rocambolesc Play with our nephews on the beach Aperitivi al fresco Have our morning coffe overlooking ancient churches in tiny Italian villages Spend a day at the pool with our most glamorous friend Have lunch in my mum’s garden Go to the fish market in Cádiz Read, write and take lots of photographs Of course you can follow our adventures via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Expect lots of food pictures, sunny landscapes and the occasional #fromwhereIstand! If you have any tips about the aforementioned cities please let us know! PS: Illustration by Grace Lee. You can buy it here.

The American design hotel challenge: North vs. South

Today we want to show you two amazing hotels which are placed in the two opposite sides of the American continent. The incredible Fogo Island Inn, placed in a remote island off the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, Canada, and the amazing Fasano Hotel located in Punta del Este, Uruguay, one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in South America. North vs. South… two beautiful stylish design hotels. Who wins?

The most exotic Mediterranean island

Today, we continue our series about the most fabulous Mediterranean islands. And we’ve decided to bring you to the most exotic of them: Djerba. This island is located in the Gulf of Gabes, in southern Tunisia, and it’s only 25 km long and 20 km wide. Djerba is just a coast-line hardly raised above the sea, being the highest point only 55 m from the sea level. The island is linked to the mainland by a road built by the Roman empire. For us, Djerba represents the ancient history of the Mediterranean sea and we can’t help but imagine how mysterious and exotic it could be. Flavours, scents, landscapes, tales of thousand pirats…

Croatia’s most beautiful islands

Last week we told you that whenever we dream about Summer and seaside destinations, we always go back to the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s face it: we’re not those adventurous travellers that enjoy months of backpacking in the South of Asia, sleep under the stars in forgotten lonely Southamerican beaches and find little hostels and crowded rooms in small Vietnamese villages appealing. I wish we were, but we’re not. We’re tourists. And for some reason we always end up staying in Europe. We enjoy short getaways that give us a break from work and this horrible German weather. And for that, the Mediterranean Sea is the best destination for us. We’ve decided to start a little series about Mediterranean islands. Do you want to come with us? Let’s start with the three most beautiful Croatian islands!

Belavista Hotel & Spa

This is the first time in our lives that we were on vacation and we didn’t want to leave the hotel. We just couldn’t. Everything was so beautiful, calm and inviting that wahtever was outside its doors simply didn’t matter. Placed in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Algarve, Belavista Hotel & Spa, is without any doubt the best hotel in the region. The hotel overlooks Praia da Rocha, one of the most impressive beaches of the Algarve. Everything here invites to relax and feel happy and pampered without any care in the world. After a terrible Winter and a rainy Spring, we needed sun, cocktails and massages. And that’s what we had!

In my suitcase: The white dress

In less than two months I will be on vacation! I’m planning a whole month of friends, family, beaches and joy. And, well, I thought I better start planning what I’m going to wear… Just one suitcase is not that much for a whole month of adventures! So today I’m starting a new series: In my suitcase. I hope you like it! The first thing that comes into my mind when I think Summer is a white dress. (And ice cream, of course). So the first thing that I want to put in my suitcase is a nice and flattering white dress. In the first collage you can see three pieces that caught my eye when visiting Mytheresa. All of them look great but also comfortable, don’t they?