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Today is Friday, the weather is crispy and there is a beautiful, faded sunlight that shines through the fog. Work has been hard this week but we’ve had great results and I’ve been able to balance all the crazynes with my French lessons. So after a couple of hard months, things are looking up. Besides, we are planning a little trip before Christmas so we are really excited. Our first thought was something like this, in fact one of the first posts of the blog, back in 2012, was about that fantastic resort. We were dreaming about a white Christmas, hot chocolate and soft blankets. But then we thought about other possibilities: what about a romantic train adventure? That’s when we remembered the most fabulous of them all, the Orient Express. This train has always been part of my travel phantasies: when I was a child I would see my mum reading old Agatha Christie novels and she would tell me about the misterious Orient Express, how sophisticated and elegant it was. Then it was …

German trains

I have a problem with German trains. I used to think they were the epitome of the perfect railway system, but they are not. They are expensive, have lots of delays, even the high speed trains!!! And they could use a little bit more of cleaning… Germany has lots of amazing things, but trains are not one of them! Since we lived in Germany we have suffered serious delays and had lots of problems, once we even had to get off a train in the middle of nowhere with -10º and waited for 45 minutes until another train, full of people, of course, came to rescue us. The worst thing of all was that no one told us what was going on, they just left us there, waiting. During our last trip to Bruges we lived a surreal situation. We bought two tickets for the high speed train Köln – Brussels – Köln because we thought that would be the most comfortable train of all… but we were so wrong. We were told that we …

From Wanderlust to Unterwegs

Do you remember this post? Well, we’re making it happen! We’re taking a couple of days off this week and we’re travelling by train to Bruges! It’s going to be a very long train trip, more that 7 hours, but I’m looking forward to it! I’ve planned to take with me a couple of books that have been waiting patiently for months to be readed on my bedside table, I’ve bought some magazines and snacks and I’m going to make the most of it! I hope we can update the blog from Bruges, if not, see you when we get back! Belgian chocolate, here we come! Image via Agency26

From Athens to Mykonos

… And back to our greek adventures! We had spent a wonderful time in Athens, but we had a wedding to attend, so we took a train and headed north. We were so excited! Greek weddings are so famous that we couldn’t wait to get to the small village in the middle of nowhere where the wedding was taking place. We spent 4 hours in a very nice train, although when we first saw it we thought it was going to be awful! Greek trains are like German or Italian trains: not very nice on the outside but quite comfortable on the inside! This is a picture of the landscape through the train window.

MUSIC! Everywhere you go…

Look what we’ve bought! How cute are these headphones? We love music, that’s why we always take music with us. Every trip we make ends up with its own song, wether we like it or not… Afterwards, every time we listen to that song it brings back lovely memories to our minds. Does this happen to you too?


We are always looking for the perfect snack: something yummy to take with us in our trips. Looking for new sandwich recipes, I’ve found this avocado and ham sandwich. It looks amazing! And it’s so easy to prepare! You just cut a baguette, stir some mustard with butter and pepper, spread it on the bread, layer some slices of ham and avocado, add a pich of sea salt… and you’re good to go!! Images and recipe via DELISH