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We first saw the images of this campaign on Pinterest and we loved them right away. This collection is quite basic but that’s why it’s so versatile and amazing! We have to say that Madewell has done a great job with the campaign. Erin Wasson looks incredible, the setting is perfect and the finish product is absolutely aspirational. We want to be cool, sexy tomboys!

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014

This is LOVE at first sight. I want need every single piece of Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014 collection. describes it as Tomboy Glamour and I couldn’t agree more. The camel coats, the tailored pants, the rich fabrics, the subtle yet strong colours, the flats… I know that nothing particularly innovative but I’m in love! Come and see more images after the jump!

Tomboy fragances

I am quite difficult with perfumes because of my (most of the time) delicate sense of smell, maybe it’s due to my little nose. Unfortunately for E. if she likes a new fragance, first of all we have to test it together, because I couldn’t help it, some smells give me headaches.