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Roasted tomato tart

This weekend two very exciting things happened: we discovered an amazing breakfast place and we bought new baking supplies. That’s us, #livinglavidaloca. So we did what one normally does after a great new discovery: posting a picture in Instagram. And, to welcome our new baking supplies, we baked a delicious roasted tomato tart with goat cheese and pesto. Oh, what a weekend! Granny style! This recipe is our take on the Avoca tomato tart, which is absolutely delicious. We’ve used whole wheat and changed the pastry a little bit. You can always buy the pastry in the supermarket, it’s absolutely fine and it will save you some time, but we wanted to prepare the tart from scratch. If you choose to make your own pastry, you can find the steps here. If, like us, you substitute the white flour with whole wheat flour bear in mind that the result won’t be as flaky and it would be difficult to remove from the baking tin. Once you have your pastry baked, you will need: 800 g …

Tomato bar

In 1991 the Château de la Bourdaisière was converted into an upscale B&B. They also laid out a wonderful walled kitchen garden in its 55 hectares woodland park with some 550 varieties od red, white, green and yellow tomatoes! Guests and visitors to the chateau can harvest and enjoy them in the Tomato Bar.