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One-piece swimsuit, bikini… or nothing at all?

Have you ever been to Formentera? We spent a couple of beautiful days in this peaceful and extremely gorgeous island three months ago. During our stay we discovered the most amazing beach, which became immediately our favourite beach in the world. It was not a hidden cove, actually it was very close to Ses Illetes, the most visited and photographed beach in Formentera, but it was almost empty, I would even say it was lonely. Just a few couples, a family over there… but it was so quiet and peaceful… and then we realized no one was wearing swimsuits. Yep. Nudist territory. Oh well, we laid out our towels to enjoy the most glorious day under the sun. But after a while I took off my swimsuit. Say what?


I’m longing for Summer!!! Have you seen the ERES Swimwear collection? I love its perfect cuts and powerful colors. I’ve always thought that looking elegant and glamorous with a two piece was quite difficult but this photo shows that it really is possible! It reminds me of Esther Wiliams! Image via ERES