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Two Summer cocktails

Last week we showed you our bar cart and today we have prepared two delicious Summer cocktails for you: a watermelon mojito and a strawberry bite. One has alcohol, the other does not. But both of them are perfect for hot days. And they have fruit, so they are kind of healthy ;)

Strawberry season

Strawberry season is here! I’ve started to see boxes full of these little red ladies everywhere and I’m more that happy. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits! In case you didn’t know, the most delicious strawberries grow in the Noth Sea coast area in Germany, so from now on we will enjoy their sweet smell and delicious flavor!! Yay!! We’ve found a perk of living in the North of Germany!!  ;) We like things simple, so we love eating fresh plain strawberries for breakfast but here you have some other fancier possibilities, if you’d like to see.