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The first picnic of the season

Yesterday was one of those glorious first days of Spring when all you want to do is sit outside and look how beautiful the world is. And that’s exactly what we did. After an early morning Spinning class (ouch!) we prepared our beautiful picnic basket and headed to the river banks, where we spent a fantastic day. And ate the BEST SANDWICH ever.

Carven Summer 2014

Carven is one of those brands that always surprise us. It has a very strong personality but it’s kind of sweet at the same time. Their pieces don’t follow trends, they are special. In a world where we see the same things over and over again, Carven represents uniqueness.


You know that we love JCrew. There’s really not more to add. But we love it even more when Spring comes. The Spring looks are so cute… We want them all!!! But if we have to choose, these two are our favourites without a doubt. You can buy them here.

The perfect Spring lips

I love lipstick because it’s the one thing you need to bright up your face. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the sun shines and the days are longer, there’s nothing easier and more flattering than a high pony tail, big sunglasses and a bright lipstick. Here you have my favourite Spring lipsticks and a little trick that will make you look gorgeous immediately.

Summer nails

I hate nail art. I know it’s something that everyone is loving nowadays, but I hate it. I find it a little bit tacky and for someone like me, who just likes red, pink and coral shades in her nails, it’s just too much. Even though I’m quite classic when it comes to my nails, in Summer I go a little bit crazier, just like everyone else, and go for brighter shades and I even love a little bit of dark blue on my toes. These are my favourite nail polishes for Summer, if you’d like to see.

Have a sunny weekend!

This is a scheduled post because hopefully when you read this we will be lying on the beach… just like the woman on the picture ;) I always take my favourite pillows to the beach, don’t you? We wanted to wish you a happy sunny weekend!!! Any nice Spring plans? A picnic maybe? Wherever you are and whoever you are: enjoy the weekend!!! PS: we are on Twitter!! To be honest I don’t understand how it really works, but I’m doing my best to learn! Do you want to hang out? Look for @theslowpaceblog :) Image:Vogue


Today everyone is talking about the new king of Holland and all I can think about are bicycles… they are typical Dutch, right? ;) We’ve been living in a small German city for more than two years now and we still don’t have bicycles. And I’m saying “still” because here people don’t walk, they ride, so we are under a lot of pressure: everyone is like WHAAAAT??? when we say that we don’t have bicycles. But it rains a lot, it’s freezing most of the time (that means ice, that means slippery streets) and the city is full of tram rails. So what’s so strange about not riding a bike, huh? Besides, let me tell you this: I love my teeth (and I’m quite clumsy) and I don’t want to get to work all sweaty and disheveled (yeah, I know that riding to work would be very healthy, but I’m more concerned about my hair, what can I say?). But the truth is that lately I’ve been picturing us riding our bicycles and enjoying picnics …

Picnic season

Picnic season is here! This is one of the nicest things of Spring and something we love: the day that the sun shines (something very rare here in the North of Germany, but still) we grab our books, our SPF, a blanket and we head to the park for a picnic! The weather is not that hot (oh well, in Germany it never really is), there is a warm breeze, the birds are singing, the trees are all green and fragrant… It’s just lovely! Picnics are also the best excuse to eat deli sandwiches and other treats that we don’t usually eat at home. To be honest, maybe that’s the main reason why we love picnics. Here you have some gourmet picnic ideas if you’d like to see…

Nude nails

Spring, huh? Well, not in Germany, that’s for sure. Anyway, the weather will change eventually and we will feel like wearing pastels and preparing picnics. Although I’m a huge classic red nail manicure fan, when the weather gets warmer I prefer lighter shades. This Chanel polish is the perfect nude/baby pink… or at least so it seems. I have a love – hate relationship with Chanel nail polishes. I think Chanel has the most beautiful colour range but the quality is not very good. I find their polishes difficult to apply and a little bit thicker than necessary. Is it just me? Does anyone agree? Creamy Angora by L’Oréal, Sapporo by Mavala or Skin by MAC are beautiful nude / baby pink colours that would be delightful for this season. But if I have to pick my favourite it would be Essie’s Sugar Daddy. Sweet, clean and pretty. Just like Spring!