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Moodboard: Cádiz

Every July we visit our family in Cádiz. Long windy days at the beach, lots of fresh fish and gazpacho for lunch, lazy siestas and night walks that end with hazelnut ice cream. And we’ve just booked our tickets! We can’t wait to play with our nephew and niece, visit the fish market and enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the cathedral. Oh, and hopefully my mother in law will prepare one of her amazing Tortilla de patatas for me!!!

Discover a different Spain

We come from two famous Spanish cities: Madrid and Seville. We sure love them! Both are beautiful, vibrant and charming. Madrid has that amazing energy and Seville has such an authentic flavour, but when we go back to Spain we love visiting other places that might not be so popular, but still have all the ingredients for a perfect Spanish getaway: wonderful architecture, fascinating landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine. Here you have our recommendations to discover a different Spain.

Abades Triana, Sevilla

We’re back! After a much needed break, we’re here again! Let’s start this year with the pictures of a great dinner in great company in one of our favourite restaurants. Every Christmas we meet or dearest friends Isa & Jesús for a glamourous foodie night. The same restaurant, the same table, the same amazing views… but a delicious menu each year.

La Moraga, Málaga

A couple of weeks ago we spent a few days in Málaga invited by a dearest friend who has a lovely appartment by the sea. This was the third year in a row, so it has become our little Summer tradition. We would wake up and have a nice breakfast in the terrace, put on our swimsuits, grab a thousand of magazines and head to the beach. Then it was all about sunbeds and laughter. At night we would dress up and enjoy the city’s loveliest restaurants. And some ice cream. This year we tried one of the nicest restaurants by the sea that you will find in Málaga. This is our review.

Janatomo, Madrid

A few days ago we had a marvellous dinner with one of our dearest friends, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years! We chose a Japanese restaurant that not only offers great food and a perfect ambiance, but also has a special meaning for us. This was the first place where the three of us met after our wedding.

Madrid overload

Madrid is wonderful, lively and bright. It’s always a pleasure. Recently, we have enjoyed some days making the most of this amazing city. Restaurants, shops, museums, parks, architecture, theaters… Madrid overload! On Monday we showed you a nice place to eat, yesterday a lovely beauty salon and today we want to show you some postcards from the city, if you’d like to see.

Off to Spain!

Today we are leaving our little wooden house in Bremen and we are heading to our sunny back yard in Madrid! Yay! Weirdly enough, the weather has been amazing the last days here, so we will miss the lazy picnics and the walks by the river, activities that we love to do in this little town, but are only possible in those few days when the sun shines. Anyway, our friends and family wait for us in Spain. Crazy days in Madrid, long walks in the fantastic beaches of Cádiz  and lots of laughs in Málaga. We just can’t wait! We will keep you updated via Twitter and Instagram. Hope to see you there!