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Rosapetra Spa Resort, Cortina d’Ampezzo

The four days we spent at Rosapetra Spa Resort were the happiest days we’d had in a very, very long time. That happiness that only fresh, clean air, infinite powerful views, silent afternoons and calm dinners under soft, warm light can give. We can’t be objective about this resort because we will remember it forever as one of the most happiest places on Earth for us. The day we left we were profoundly relaxed, serene, rosy cheeked and determined to come back.

Off to Copenhagen!

We’re off to Copenhagen! Even though this time of the year we usually head to the beach, we are travelling to our beloved Copenhagen to improve our slow-paced guide. Since we know you are here to read nice content, not to read us brag about our next destination, we’ve compiled some old posts that you may have missed! – A fun, colourful Peruvian restaurant in London – Clara closed her blog, but we still follow her on Instagram. Best style ever. – An afternoon in an Italian farmer’s market – The best hair treatment for frizzy hair. – Dreamy Moroccan spas – The coolest backpacks for Summer – Our favourite area in Amsterdam – We are crazy about this collection! – Looking for an off the beaten track destination? – Have you ever done this? – Last year’s beauty favourites that are still going strong – The best recipe for barbacue season. – Tips to discover a different Ibiza – My Venice.

Moroccan Spa with Mediteranique

Every season has its trends. Also when it comes to travelling. When we think about Autumn we usually picture ourselves in the woods, by the fire place in a cosy rustic retreat or exploring a Central European city. While this sounds completely inviting, sometimes we feel like escaping, experiencing something new and changing your life if only for a few days. All in all, that’s what most of us look for when travelling, isn’t it? Then, why not thinking outside the box?

Amande Courbes Exquisites, L’Occitane

Do you remember that my legs were almost photoshopped during our last trip to Portimao? (You can read the story here) A lovely L’Occitane massage therapist manage to make my legs look at their best. It was almost a miracle. After the Almond reshape massage she gave me, my legs were lighter, the skin was smoother and I felt great. So I bought the product, of course. Sophia, the therapist, told me how to apply it and I left the spa happy and optimistic. Today, I wanted to show you this amazing product and tell you something: buy it! First reason: it smells amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Apparently it works better if you apply it before going to sleep, so your sheets will smell amazing too. Score! Second reason: It works. Of course you are not going to achieve Giselle’s legs just by applying this lotion. They will still be your legs. But smoother and lighter. And they will smell amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Wait, I’ve said that before. But it’s true. So I guess that if it works for a …

Belavista Hotel & Spa

This is the first time in our lives that we were on vacation and we didn’t want to leave the hotel. We just couldn’t. Everything was so beautiful, calm and inviting that wahtever was outside its doors simply didn’t matter. Placed in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Algarve, Belavista Hotel & Spa, is without any doubt the best hotel in the region. The hotel overlooks Praia da Rocha, one of the most impressive beaches of the Algarve. Everything here invites to relax and feel happy and pampered without any care in the world. After a terrible Winter and a rainy Spring, we needed sun, cocktails and massages. And that’s what we had!


Sorry for the lack of posts! We’ve been travelling and relaxing, I won’t lie to you :-) Last Monday we visited DESPACIO, the spa in the EME hotel, in Seville. It was just what we needed. After a loooooong trip on Friday and a crazy weekend it was exactly what we needed.


Travemünde is a small seaside village in the north of Germany. We spent just an afternoon there. It was a windy day in late August, It wasn’t warm, but it was nice enough to take a stroll along the beach with our friends.