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10 things we loved about Stockholm and 22 pictures to prove it

Our first visit to Stockholm was almost perfect. I guess that the brilliant sun that shined during the whole weekend helped us seeing the city through joyful glasses. We didn’t visit all the museums, we missed a few sights and we took it extremely easy, so this is not a post about the things you must do or the places you shouldn’t miss. This is just what we loved. If you enjoy slow paced weekends, eating a lot when travelling and staring speechless in front of a beautiful sunset, then keep reading…


We have been living in Germany for a year but still haven’t visited Berlin, so we thought it was about time, bought two train tickets and off we went! When we arrived we needed 30 minutes to get out from that huge station… Once we made it we went to our hotel, leave our luggage and headed directly to Hackesche Höfe to eat at Barcomi’s Deli, which was amazing. Hackesche Höfe is an area with lots of courtyards where you can find restaurants, all kinds of shops and lots of cool people (and tourists too… let’s face it, we are everywhere!). That was absolutely my favorite spot in Berlin. Actually we came back on Sunday to have a cup of tea in a quiet cafe while reading some magazines and newspapers and pretending we lived in Berlin.