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Toubab Paris

We love tiny delicate jewellery.  That is what we wear… if we wear any jewellery at all. But I have a thing for statement necklaces. I just can’t help it. I think they immediately dress up an outfit, make it look more polished, 0riginal and edgy. I love them.  Last week I discovered this brand, Toubab Paris, and I thought I had to include their work in this section because I really need one of its pieces. I really do. They look exotic… but they actually are hand-made in France. The designer, Maud Villaret, creates unusual pieces that bring together travel treasures, symbols, poetry and colour. And they are absolutely stunning. Don’t you think they would be the perfect accessory for your Summer looks? They are launchig their on-line shop shoon. In the mean time check here their points of sale!


During our last trip to London we stayed again in our beloved Mandeville Hotel. The room was great, the staff was super friendly (Hi Marco!) and the attention was impeccable. Being our favorite London headquarters in the Marylebone area, we decided to explore it and make the most of it.

Shopcaster: independent boutiques online

Good morning everyone! Have you ever wanted to go shopping in those hipsters little boutiques in Williamsburg? Or have a look at the small shops in über cool Queen West in Toronto? Well now you can do it from your sofa! Shopcaster has put together a really nice selection of independent retailers and offers you the possibility of buying online from multiple cities in North America. We love their job because they are helping small shops and young entrepreneurs to get where they won’t be able to get alone.