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Abades Triana, Sevilla

We’re back! After a much needed break, we’re here again! Let’s start this year with the pictures of a great dinner in great company in one of our favourite restaurants. Every Christmas we meet or dearest friends Isa & Jesús for a glamourous foodie night. The same restaurant, the same table, the same amazing views… but a delicious menu each year.


* Writing this post is going to be a challenge… How to explain Feria de Abril to someone who has never been there or doesn’t have a Spanish background? Ok, we’ll try! This Monday starts one of the best weeks of the year in Seville: it’s Feria! Do you know that lots of people think that all the women in the South of Spain dress like a flamenca, and there are horses and toreros everywhere, and everyone drinks and dances and sings all day long? Well, that’s only true this week!!! What started as a livestock fair has turned into a week of casetas, rebujito, sevillanas and jamón. And yes, if you want to visit the Feria, you better learn these words! And you should also follow the advice of my lovely wife who being a Sevillian herself has prepared a nice list of tips for guiris (that means you, foreigners) who want to make the most of this fun and great week.


Going out for breakfast is one of may favourite things in the world. I love trying different types of breakfast wherever I go and the last weeks in Seville I ate one of the best breakfast EVER at Bar El Comercio


Sorry for the lack of posts! We’ve been travelling and relaxing, I won’t lie to you :-) Last Monday we visited DESPACIO, the spa in the EME hotel, in Seville. It was just what we needed. After a loooooong trip on Friday and a crazy weekend it was exactly what we needed.