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Copenhagen cruise

Copenhagen is a wonderful city that never cease to amaze us. Every time we’ve visited the Danish capital we’ve discovered new corners, restaurants, shops and things to do. A couple of weeks ago we got up early, wrapped up and headed to Nyhavn to board in a little cruise that showed us a majestic Copenhagen that we’d never seen before. 


I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise. Maybe it has to do with my childhood obsession with The love boat TV series (I secretly wanted to grow up and become just like Julie). I love the idea of enjoying life surrounded by the sea, sunbathing all day long sipping a fruity cocktail and visiting different cities without having to pack and unpack… and pack again. It’s perfect! But I don’t see myself in one of those huge cruise ships full of people that I don’t know and, let’s face it, that probably I won’t  like. I’m in my 30s. I know I’m antisocial by now.

Our week by the sea

Today it rains and I’m wearing a sweater… Fall is here way too soon. Fine by me! I love Fall, but it seems incredible that just two weeks ago we had the most amazing time with our friends in the south of Spain. We rented a house in a very charming little village and we spent the most relaxing and funny weekend. I thought we could share with you.


Travemünde is a small seaside village in the north of Germany. We spent just an afternoon there. It was a windy day in late August, It wasn’t warm, but it was nice enough to take a stroll along the beach with our friends.


Cascais was a fishing village but since 19th century it has attracted visitors in search of the sea and the sand. Like most of the small villages on the coasts of Europe, it has turned into a turistic destination full of cafes, restaurants and shops. Anyway, it still preserves some of its previous charm.