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Mushroom and Parmesan rice

As much as we love rice ( and we do love it) we don’t cook it that often since we try to eat mostly protein and vegetables and cut the carbs. But sometimes you just need a warm, comforting meal. Specially if it’s Sunday, it has been raining the whole weekend and you are just tired of seeing Instagram pictures of palm trees, lively beaches and drinks al fresco while you are wearing a fleece-lined jacket over your pajamas. I know that comparison is the thief of joy but it’s hard to believe that we live in the same hemisphere as half of the population currently wearing bikinis in social media.  Silver lining? This mushroom and Parmesan rice. This recipe is our take on a light risotto version by Martín Berasategui, our favourite Spanish chef. He actually has 7 Michelin stars (fancy!), but he has lots of books with simple traditional recipes that are very easy to recreate. This one, for instance, gives you the illusion of eating risotto but doesn’t have as much cheese, …

Risi e bisi

This is one of my favourite dishes. It’s a Venetian recipe that my grandmother used to prepare all the time. Sadly, we lost her recipe when we lost her seven years ago. I’ve tried to recreate it since then and, although the results never match her delicious creamy spicy Risi e Bisi, I’ve came up with a quite nice dish.