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Top gourmet moments 2016

This year we’ve had pretty amazing meals: we’ve gone back to our favourite restaurants, like Geist in Copenhagen or Vista in Portimao, we’ve discovered new places, like The Dogs in Edinburgh and we’ve cooked some remarkable recipes that are now on repeat in our kitchen. We love food so we can’t finish the year without a compilation of our favourite gourmet moments. We started the year with the unbelievably good black kale with fried egg and sorrel at Geist, in Copenhagen. If you need a reason to visit Copenhagen in Winter, there you have it.   We discovered a great pizza place in London, Homeslice. Maybe our favourite pizza in London?  Perfect to share with friends and located in the heart of Neil’s Yard. The whole menu at Vista restaurant deserves a visit to Portimao. Oh, and the cauliflower cream of the room service at Belavista Hotel (home to the Vista restaurant) is one of the best dishes we’ve ever eaten! In July we devoured the best paella in the world at La Pepica, in …

Almanak, Copenhagen

We are back from Copenhagen, where we have spent the most amazing ten days. We’ve had wonderful walks by the water, we’ve discovered new corners, we’ve been inspired by the always beautiful Danish design and we’ve eaten fantastic food, for Copenhagen is home of some of our favourites restaurants. And this one in particular, Almanak, was one of the highlights of our trip.

December favorites

A little bit late, but here you have our December favorites! Starting with one of the presents St. Nikolaus brought me. A new breakfast set from Villeroy & Boch. Of course, we celebrated the arrival of the breakfast set with scrambled eggs and huge coffes. And posted a picture on Instagram.  Obviously.

Yummy weekend in Copenhagen

We spent this weekend in Copenhagen. It was a last minute decision and it was wonderful! We enjoyed every minute of it! Copenhagen is one of our favourite cities, it has so much to offer and the people are gorgeous and kind. Since it’s Monday and Monday means delicious food for The slow pace, here you have some yummy addresses in case you visit the city and you don’t know where to eat: Lagkagehuset: a great place to buy all kinds of Danish pastries, sandwiches and small salads, if you don’t want to do carbs. But we recommend that you try carbs here. Lots of them. If you are on the go you can grab a couple of their delicious sandwiches or even have a quick but amazing breakfast at one of its different locations. Ol&Grill: if you love meat, you’ll love this place. Fantastic hamburgers and sirloin steaks. Look at that picture!!!Placed in the famous Nyhavn, it can be full of tourists but well, if you are there you probably are a tourist!! The …

The Patio

Last week we visited one of the coolest spots of Madrid this Summer, The Patio. We have read a lot about this pop up concept store and bar in different webs and magazines, so we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

La Coquería

La Coquería is the new project of Maria Solivellas, the great cook who made the catering for our wedding. Since then not only is she a good friend, but also our favourite chef! Her restaurant, Ca Na Toneta, is simply amazing. In a constant attempt to recover the traditional Majorcan cuisine she has started with Katja Wöhr, her partner in crime, a new adventure in Palma: La Coquería.

Snapshots, pizza, a japanese restaurant and a few cocktails

Long waiting hours at the airport are better if you have tons of magazines. In fact, reading magazines is one of my favourite things to do on a plane. That and snacking! Oh, and snacking while reading magazines… that’s the bomb! I always choose travel magazines and gossip magazines (guilty pleasure that I only practise on holidays, I swear). That Time you see in the picture is not mine, is hers. She is the intellectual part of the couple ;)

Paris on a budget: a little guide for your first trip to Paris

I’ve been working on this little guide for a few weeks. If you are wealthy, have all these bags and you think you will never take the metro… well I don’t know how you got here… welcome!! But sorry, this post isn’t for you. If you are young, you have a small budget but love travelling and want to make the most of Paris, then keep reading. This might be helpful. I really hope so! A few years ago we were a little bit poor, not too much, just a little bit, but we wanted to visit Paris so bad that we saved some money, got on a plane and spent four amazing days discovering the city, eating baguettes and window shopping like crazy. Being on a budget and loving expensive things is hard, but with a little bit of time to browse the internet, patience to prepare your trip and lots of enthusiasm, you can live awesome experiences!! Having said that, I have to admit that now that we can afford wonderful hotels and …