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Yellow bird coffee

We love breakfasts and since we moved to Bremen, finding the best breakfast in town has been one of our hobbies. Honestly, there’s not much you can do in this little town, but the breakfast scene is getting quite good.  In fact, breakfast in Germany is really special. Maybe the terrible weather is the reason why so many people get together for a nice breakfast out instead of dinner but meeting for breakfast is really popular and most restaurants, bakeries and cafés offer different options and usually booking a table is necessary. We discovered The Yellow Bird coffee, a hipster style, Instagrammable goldmine café at the beginning of the Summer and we’ve been going back almost every weekend. The coffee is spectacular, the atmosphere is lovely and the breakfast options are healthy-ish and absolutely delicious. Plus, we finally have avocado on toast in Bremen!! Yes, I know, that’s so 2015 but hey, the trend just arrived to Bremen. We doubted about sharing this place in the blog for a while, but we realized that if …

Ca Na Toneta

Ca Na Toneta is one of our favourite places in the world. To understand why, we have to walk down memory lane a little bit. In 2009 we started planning our wedding and looking for venues and vendors in Mallorca, where our destination wedding would take place. Food has always beeen really important to us and we were determined to have the best food we could afford for our small wedding. We started looking for caterers but finding what we were looking for turned out to be a nightmare. Lots of caterings offered really snob, fusion style, neon-coloured finger food options… but we were looking for delicious, authentic, natural food without any artifices. Our wedding was simple, rustic and very relaxed… just how we like our food! And then we found Ca Na Toneta. A small restaurant where two sisters were revamping traditional local food. A couple of mails later, they agreed to prepare our wedding menu. In February 2010 we visited the restaurant and met them. We LOVED the food, but we also fell …

Bibo Madrid

The moment we booked our latest holidays in Spain we made our reservation at Bibo Madrid, the new restaurant of Spanish Chef Dani García. We finally got a table at Bibo Madrid! It’s a long story: last Summer, when we heard this new concept, a mix of traditional classics and nomadic cuisine, was opening in Madrid we tried to book a table, but sadly we came back to Germany before it opened. Bad timing. Last Christmas we tried again, but couldn’t make it because it was fully booked for the whole holidays. So this time we were determined: we were going to make it! And we did! After all the waiting and failed attempts, Bibo Madrid did not disappoint. Quite the opposite, we were mesmerised by the incredible food, the attentive service, the fun atmosphere… and the bathrooms, graced by the sound of birds! They’ve thought about every detail to make a dinner at Bibo Madrid a delightful experience. Everything was perfect. We started with a cocktail, of course. The innovative menu in the form …

The Dogs, Edinburgh

When we travel we plan our days around the places where we want to eat. Yes, that’s how we roll. We investigate the best lunch spots and then we plan the routes according to that. Priorities. While planning our trip to Edinburgh there was a restaurant that we knew we had to try. The Dogs, located in Hannover street, which was convenintly close to our hotel, The Howard Hotel. We have read a killer review of this small restaurant in one of our foodie/traveller bibles: Where chef eat. Small menu based on Scottish and British ingredients? Easy vibe? Cosy decor? We booked a table, of course. The Dogs is located in Edinburgh’s New Town and it’s almost hidden in the first floor of a building. Once you enter you are welcomed by an unusual mix of a classic style with quirky touches. And two dogs, obviously.  They have two small dining rooms and we were lucky to have a small table by the window in the main, bright one. And then we felt it again: …

Rei das Praias

Sometimes you find a little place that embodies all you look for when travelling: beautiful views, great food, nice people and relaxed atmosphere. And when that happens you come back as much as you can. And once you’re back home you remember it with nostalgia and a big smile on your face. Well, we found all this in a tiny restaurant hidden in a tiny cove in Algarve.

Corallo, Copenhagen

From a chic restaurant in Madrid to a fancy lobster bar in Copenhagen. If last week we showed you where to have a nice lunch in the most elegant neighborhood of Madrid, today we share with you a great option to rest during your Copenhagen shopping spree.

Taberna Los Gallos, Madrid

Madrid has lots of wonderful restaurants. Every month new establishments open their doors and, inevitably, others say their goodbyes. However, good traditional Spanish food with a twist, great service and lovely decor are the elements that guarantee success. Taberna los Gallos knows it and that’s exactly what they offer. 

La Corte del Lampone, Cortina d’Ampezzo

First post of the year! Food related, obviously. Today we wanted to share with you the first of the articles that we are going to dedicate to our Winter getaway in Cortina d’Ampezzo. With our trip to Spain and the holidays in between we still hadn’t had the time to sort all the pictures and memories! Cortina d’Ampezzo is a little village located in a beautiful valley in the Dolomites. We spent a few wonderful days of long, frosty morning walks, afternoons at the spa and incredible dinners at La Corte del Lampone, the restaurant of the Rosapetra Spa Resort, the hotel we chose for our stay. As you can imagine we had a fantastic time… and beyond delicious dinners. That’s why we’ve decided to start this little Cortina special with the restaurant that made us so very happy and was one of the highlights of our trip.

Cock’s and Cows

Do you remember when we visited Copenhagen back in May? We stayed at the wonderful SP34 hotel. We had a great time but we didn’t get the chance of trying the award-winning burgers of the restaurant located in the hotel, Cock’s and Cows. Finally, a couple of weeks ago during our last holidays in Copenhagen, we had lunch in the first Cock’s and Cows that opened its doors in Copenhagen. Their success was so big that they have now opened two more branches in the city (one of them placed in the aforementioned SP34 hotel and the other one located in Osterbro district). We wanted to see where everything started, so one windy, cold Friday we took shelter in this cool restaurant and finally tried its burgers. Of course we took some pictures, if you’d like to see…