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Peaceful retreats

Travel changes you.  It makes us leave our comfort zones and face new experiences, new challenges and new cultures. But what if  we really look for that change? What if that personal growth is the aim, not a collateral effect? Choose these non conventional retreats for that spiritual peace and  personal transformation. Meteora, Greece The town of Meteora, about a 5-hour drive north of Athens in Thessaly, Greece, is home to a UNESCO World Heritage site – six Greek Orthodox monasteries built on enormous rock pinnacles that rise up to 1,300 feet from the valley floor. Six of the monasteries still operate today. Several of the monasteries are accessible to tourists on a road connecting the rock towers. Byzantine frescoes and architecture are a sight to see, and the views are breathtaking into the valley. Santiago de Compostela, Spain During centuries, St, Jame’s Path has been an spiritual journey for those who, religious or not, looked for growth and personal change. This journey ends in Santiago de Compostela, which historic centre has been designated a World …

Two amazing retreats with Aman Resorts

Every once in a while we think about leaving everything behind and desappear for a while. Well… don’t we all? Sometimes a good old vacation is just what we need. But in other occasions we need more than that. Time for ourselves, for our health and for our minds. That’s why as soon as we heard about these two retreats organized by Aman Resorts in two of their most amazing destinations, Buthan and Greece, we knew we had to share them with you.

Castell Son Claret, Mallorca

I write you from my sofa, totally sick and exhausted. Cold weather arrived suddenly and knocked me down. And I’m afraid P. is following my steps… Stressed with tons of work to do and feeling under the weather, we’ve been dreaming (again) with warmer temperatures and lovely places to escape from this hard week/weather/country. We’ve discovered this amazing hotel, surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. Silence, nature, relax… This wonderful placed is called Castell Son Claret.

Belavista Hotel & Spa

This is the first time in our lives that we were on vacation and we didn’t want to leave the hotel. We just couldn’t. Everything was so beautiful, calm and inviting that wahtever was outside its doors simply didn’t matter. Placed in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Algarve, Belavista Hotel & Spa, is without any doubt the best hotel in the region. The hotel overlooks Praia da Rocha, one of the most impressive beaches of the Algarve. Everything here invites to relax and feel happy and pampered without any care in the world. After a terrible Winter and a rainy Spring, we needed sun, cocktails and massages. And that’s what we had!

Hotel Can Simoneta

We keep on dreaming about sun, warm weather and endless walks by the sea. I guess that’s the consequence of the endless German Winter. We have thought that it’s about time we stop daydreaming and start organizing a little getaway to one of the best places in the world to get over Winter: a Mediterranean island. We are thinking about Mallorca… And look at the hotel that we have discovered, it’s a dream!


This week has been quite hard: problems at work, horrible weather and a really awful “there is no chocolate” situation at home. Fortunately, Friday is here! It seems that the sun is visiting us on Saturday, I’ve bought a couple chocolate bars and we are attending a friend’s brithday party, so chances are that we will finish the week with a smile. What are you up to this weekend?

Katikies Hotels Santorini

This week I’m tired. Tired of Winter. I need sun, light and long warm days. I want to wear sandals instead of snow boots. I want to drink cocktails by the pool. I want Summer. I want need holidays. Yesterday I was daydreaming about Greece and found this incredible hotel, the Katikies, a hidden jewel in Santorini. That’s exactly what I need. In my head I’m already there… It looks like the perfect place to relax, watch time go by and don’t think at all, just enjoy life and sunsets.

What should I do during a massage?

Yesterday I went to the Spa to get my back massaged. It was a present that I got on my birthday and that’s the only reason I went for it. I know massages are supposed to be relaxing but I find them very stressful. I just feel uncomfortable, shy and really nervous. And what do I do when I get nervous? Talk. So there I am: lying seminaked, with my face stuck in some sort of hole, almost suffocated by a towel and talking talking talking. I always wonder how people relax in that situations! Do you? Don’t you feel like you have to say something or create a bond with the person who is touching you? I mean, that gets intimate sometimes! Once a friend of mine got me a full body scrub massage in a very fancy Spa as a birthday present and although it was supposed to be an incredible experience, really exclusive and luxurious, I had a terrible time because I didn’t know what to do while the lady was scrubbing my… …