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2014 Recipe Recap

Good morning! We are back in Germany, back to work and back to our normal schedule. But before moving forward to 2015, we wanted to share with you a little recap of the recipes posted in The slow pace during 2014. Mmm… Monday! is one of our favourite sections and remembering our experiments in the kitchen has been quite fun… and surprising! I thought we were bakers, not cookers… but it turns out it’s the other way round! We have baked less and cooked more. Do you want to have a look at our very own cookbook?

Summer recipes

Do you need some ideas for your Summer dinner parties? Here you have a few suggestions rescued from our archives… 1. Roast chicken with lemon and rosemary potatoes: this recipe is light but a has a lovely Sunday family dinner feel to it. Perfect to share with your loved ones. Pair it with chilled white wine. 2. Fancy salad: this is one of the first recipes we published. A succulent salad that mixes Jamón Ibérico and figs: an unexpected sweet and salty combination. Super easy but utterly delicious! 3. Exotic menu: this recipe screams dinner date. It’s a little bit sophisticated but natural and spicy. Indian food meets Mediterranean flavours with a touch of Japanese charm. 4. Mojito fruit salad: Fruit and Mojitos… is that a starter or a dessert? Anyway, it’s refreshing and tempting, just like a swimmingpool on a hot Sumemr day. 5. Burger all’amatriciana: Summer is the time for barbecues and this recipe can be a game changer. Roasted tomatoes and pancetta as a condiment. Need I say more? 6. A different …

Maldon Sea Salt

Hello everyone! How’s your Monday going? Today we would like to dedicate a moment to one of our favourite ingredients: Maldon Sea Salt. We discovered it a few years ago and since then we can’t cook without it. These amazing little sea salt flakes enhance flavours like no other condiment does. This salt is hand-harvested, really made by nature, which makes its flavour unique. Your kitchen needs Maldon Sea Salt. Its pureness will make all your dishes stand out. You can find it in most of the food halls of any department store, but don’t be scared by the gourmet appearance of this product. You can really use it in your everyday recipes. We love to sprinkle a little bit of Maldon salt on our roasted or grilled vegetables and even in our cookies. We pretty much use it in every meal! What about you? Do you have any favourite ingredient? Images via Maldon Salt

October favourites

Hi there! How was your weekend? Ours was super quiet, just as we like it. On Friday we enjoyed our favourite TV series with our favourite dinner lately: avocado toasts. On Saturday we went shopping and have lunch in the coolest restaurant in Bremen, Presse, and had our favourite lunch: tuna burgers. They were spectacular! You can have a look at them in our instagram account (@theslowpace). Finally on Sunday we prepared our favourite marinated chicken. So, since this weekend has been alll about our favourite meals, we thought we could share with you our October favourites, those recipes we are going to try this month! 1. Zucchini parmesan crisps: the perfect snack. 2. Chocolate babka: we didn’t knew this thing existed, but we have to try it. It looks like heaven to us. 3. Mac and cheese: we have tro try this American classic. Comfort food perfect for the early cold days of Autumn. 4.Cookies that look like doughnuts. I mean: cookies that look like doughnuts! 5. Butternut and seet potato soup: butternut and …

Strawberry season

Strawberry season is here! I’ve started to see boxes full of these little red ladies everywhere and I’m more that happy. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits! In case you didn’t know, the most delicious strawberries grow in the Noth Sea coast area in Germany, so from now on we will enjoy their sweet smell and delicious flavor!! Yay!! We’ve found a perk of living in the North of Germany!!  ;) We like things simple, so we love eating fresh plain strawberries for breakfast but here you have some other fancier possibilities, if you’d like to see.

Picnic season

Picnic season is here! This is one of the nicest things of Spring and something we love: the day that the sun shines (something very rare here in the North of Germany, but still) we grab our books, our SPF, a blanket and we head to the park for a picnic! The weather is not that hot (oh well, in Germany it never really is), there is a warm breeze, the birds are singing, the trees are all green and fragrant… It’s just lovely! Picnics are also the best excuse to eat deli sandwiches and other treats that we don’t usually eat at home. To be honest, maybe that’s the main reason why we love picnics. Here you have some gourmet picnic ideas if you’d like to see…

My favourite recipes

I love cookbooks but I have to admit that nowadays I just look for new recipes online. I keep buying cookbooks though, I can’t help it! Anyway… I follow lots of food blogs, where I find yummy, easy, healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) recipes and inspiration. I thought you could be interested… Maybe you know some of them, maybe you don’t, but here you have the last recipes I found that have conquered my stomach: For starters, baked camembert Warming up… Beef leek and barley soup A great main dish for Winter: Spinach casserole with roasted salmon And a great dessert: Mascarpone cheesecake Plus another great dessert, because it’s my favourite part of every meal: Cinnamon ice cream! Which are your favourite food blogs? I’d love to know! PS: Some of our very own recipes: Mediterranean Cocas, fancy salad, skinny lasagna and puff pastry braid. Image via Alessandro Guerani