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Inspired by music

Lately we’ve been looking for some art, photography and prints to decorate our walls. We have some pretty frames that I’ve painted myself and they are waiting for the right images to complete them. So I’ve been browsing Etsy and I’ve come across the most amazing shop: Lyrical Artworks. They make unique art inspired by song lyrics. We just love it! In the image you can see their print of Fix you, by Cold Play. But they have a huge selection: rock, pop, classics, reggae… Want to see some more?

In my suitcase: shorts

So, we already have the perfect white dress and the perfect sandals… Let’s add another key item in our Summer suitcase: the perfect shorts. Lately I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers wear Romwe clothes. I’ve never visited this web, so I thought it would be nice to look for my shorts there and see what they’ve got.