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Portuguese lemonade: exploring the countryside

You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that’s what we did in our recent trip to Algarve. We flight to the South of Portugal looking for a sunny, lazy holiday but we found terrible thunderstorms and cold temperatures. Upset at first, we decided to look for alternative plans and ended up exploring the absolutely breathtaking Portuguese countryside.  

Avoid pink: Porto

So Valentine’s, huh? We sure love chocolates, flowers and lovely jewellery but if we have to choose a present we choose travelling. A short getaway, a long weekend… that is always our favourite surprise. We have prepared three Wanderlust posts to give you some ideas for next Valentine’s. Avoid pink, little hearts and sticky candy. Pack your bags and go! First destination: Porto.

Next stop: Algarve

Do you remeber that last year we spontaneously decided to go to Bruges and it turned out one of the most charming trips we’ve ever made? Well, it looks like May is our unexpected-destinations-and-travels month! As you read this we will be flying to the South of Portugal!!! Some years ago we used to go every Summer to a music festival in Alentejo (clic) but we’ve never visited Algarve before and we are absolutely excited about it. To be honest, it wasn’t one of our top destinations but it just happened and we are going to make the most of it! Those beaches! Sigh! We’re planning on  reading by the swimmingpool, taking long walks on the beach and eating tons of fish and fresh fruits. We only hope that the cloud that followed us to Mallorca and Paris decides to stay in Germany this time. We’ll see… Bye bye!!!! Image via Trekearth

Zambujeira do mar – Festival do sudoeste

This lovely beach is placed in a tiny Portuguese village called Zambujeira do Mar. We used to go there every Summer to spend a few days during the Sudoeste Festival. It was a great Festival: not too famous, not too crowded and not too far from the beach. We spent the mornings lying in the beach and the afternoons and nights dancing and listening to our favourite bands. I remember Beck singing a cool version of Beyonce’s Crazy in love, a spectacular Moloko’s concert, an unexpectedly funny Morcheeba’s show, the best Jamiroquai’s concert ever and much much more… Oh, and I got so angry at The Cure’s concert!!! I was so excited before and so disappointed afterwards… It was great… I even liked camping then. Well, what can I say? I was young and inexperienced! So, if you like camping under pine trees (beware of the fire!), long Summer nights with your favourite music and Sagres beer, you should give it a try! This year the festival takes place from 1st to 5th August and it’s …


Cascais was a fishing village but since 19th century it has attracted visitors in search of the sea and the sand. Like most of the small villages on the coasts of Europe, it has turned into a turistic destination full of cafes, restaurants and shops. Anyway, it still preserves some of its previous charm.


Lisbon is a magnificent city. It has a wonderful bright light that contrasts with its decadent atmosphere. And has the most beautiful viewpoints in Europe! S. Jorge Castle, Alfama, Chiado and the close village of Cascais were my favorite spots. Let me show you!