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A day in Copenhagen

Our day started early with unexpected heavy rain and furious wind. We dedicated a couple of hours to sip our coffee and read. Lazily we decided to get out, even though the weather was not promising. However, the idea of a whole day lost in the streets of Copenhagen was appealing, in spite of the weather, any weather.

Gorm’s, Copenhagen

We discovered Gorm’s a while ago while strolling around Torvehallerne. The pizzas looked delicious: super thin crust and fresh natural toppings. So last Satuday  we were delighted to bump into their restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen, Nyhavn. In the middle of a little snow storm, the warm candle light, the scent of oregano and the prospect of a nice glass of rosé seemed heaven on Earth.

Homemade pizza margherita

I’ve eaten tons of pizzas in my life, but none has ever tasted better than my mother’s homemade pizza margherita. She has this theory: to really know if a place serves really good pizza, you have to order marguerita, the most humble and simple version of pizza. Well, she knows what she’s talking about because she makes the BEST margherita. And you are lucky: she is sharing her recipe (which was my grandmother’s recipe) with us today!