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Salmon and egg wraps

Last week was quite difficult because after a wonderful long weekend in Lake Como (we will publish lots of post about the most beautiful villages of Lake Como in the next days!) we weren’t prepared to come back to dreadful weather and inboxes full of angry E-mails. But the weekend finally arrived and, miraculously, on Sunday the sun shined, the temperature was perfect and we didn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a very long walk in the park. Sadly, we didn’t have our picnic basket prepared but it made us think about picnic season! When we came back home after 3 glorious hours under the sun surrounded by beautiful nature, we wanted something light, fresh but delicious. And quick! So we prepared our favourite salmon and egg wraps. These could be a great picnic basket option, but they are a fantastic quick lunch or light dinner too. In fact, whenever we are very lazy to cook after a long day at work, we tend to prepare these salmon and egg wraps for dinner. You will …

Spanish menu

As an expat, you miss your country. And, usually, food is what you miss the most. Oh, well, there is family too. And friends. But it’s mostly the food. So more often than not, we cook traditional recipes to feel at home. Today’s menu can’t get more traditional or more Spanish. Tortilla de patatas is the most famous tapa or pincho in Spain.

Asparagus and potato tart

Picnic season is almost here! Well, maybe you are lucky enough to live in a warm place, but here we have been sgruggling between sunny but very cold days and November-like weather. Anyway, we hope for the best, so we have our picnic basket prepared and we have been testing new picnic appropriate recipes. As soon as the weather gets any better we will jump to the river promenade and lay out our red picnic blanket! Last year I received this book as a birthday present and I knew it was going to be my go-to cookbook when looking for Spring seasonal recipes. This is the first one we tried. And let me tell you, it was a success.

Best of 2014

2014 has been a bittersweet year. We’ve had some wonderful times, but we’ve lived some really tough moments too. All in all we’ve learnt a lot. Since we want to focus on the positive, we’ve put together a list of our favourite moments of 2014.

The first picnic of the season

Yesterday was one of those glorious first days of Spring when all you want to do is sit outside and look how beautiful the world is. And that’s exactly what we did. After an early morning Spinning class (ouch!) we prepared our beautiful picnic basket and headed to the river banks, where we spent a fantastic day. And ate the BEST SANDWICH ever.


On Saturday something amazing happened: the sun came to say hello and the weather was super nice. So we went picnic! If you follow us on Twitter you’ll probably know that we recently bought the most beautiful picnic basket, so last Saturday she could make her debut! (And probably that was her last appearance this season because the weather is all cloudy again, umpf!) We prepared the most delicious sandwiches, a fruit salad and off we went!

Have a sunny weekend!

This is a scheduled post because hopefully when you read this we will be lying on the beach… just like the woman on the picture ;) I always take my favourite pillows to the beach, don’t you? We wanted to wish you a happy sunny weekend!!! Any nice Spring plans? A picnic maybe? Wherever you are and whoever you are: enjoy the weekend!!! PS: we are on Twitter!! To be honest I don’t understand how it really works, but I’m doing my best to learn! Do you want to hang out? Look for @theslowpaceblog :) Image:Vogue

Picnic season

Picnic season is here! This is one of the nicest things of Spring and something we love: the day that the sun shines (something very rare here in the North of Germany, but still) we grab our books, our SPF, a blanket and we head to the park for a picnic! The weather is not that hot (oh well, in Germany it never really is), there is a warm breeze, the birds are singing, the trees are all green and fragrant… It’s just lovely! Picnics are also the best excuse to eat deli sandwiches and other treats that we don’t usually eat at home. To be honest, maybe that’s the main reason why we love picnics. Here you have some gourmet picnic ideas if you’d like to see…

A day in the park

Picnic season is here! How nice is this picnic basket? I’m longing for quiet hours at the park with yummy fingerfood and a nice book. And this picnic blanket would be the perfect place to relax, don’t you think? I love that polka dot / checkered print! Images via Butlers