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6 Instagram accounts to follow if you have a sense of humor

There has been a lot of scandal around Instagram this week. We know this social platform has became a place where nothing is real, the pictures have turned into marketing tools and there is even an Instagram Mafia, whatever that is, but since we choose to look at the bright side of everything and Instagram helps us a lot when insomnia hits, we’ve decided to dedicate some nice words to this platform. The truth is that there is excellent content on Instagram. From talented photographers to great recipes, and of course it’s a great tool if you want to do some research before travelling.  But today we wanted to share with you 6 brilliant, sharp, fun artists that have amazing feeds. If you are a woman and have a sense of humor, we are sure you will love their accounts. They share cartoons, vignettes and comics that reflect the struggle of being a woman. Mari Andrew: humour with a touching sensitive twist: vulnerability, homesickness and happiness. She also does a hilarious series on A Cup …

Spinning, I like you

I hate sports. It’s a fact. I’d love to love them… but I just don’t. Nevertheless, I have always practiced some kind of sport: I started with basketball. I’m 155 cm (5 feet) so it was… challenging. Not the best way to start my relationship with sports, I guess. Then I started going to the gym. Aerobic was huge back then, so aerobic it was. Then it was yoga. Then back to the treadmill and weights and finally… I discovered spinning. And I can proudly say that I’ve been practicing this sport three times a week for about 5 months now. And I like it because…  1. You are seated. I mean, for a lazy person like me that’s fantastic!  2. If you feel tired you can easily hide it. You just keep riding but with less intensity and little resistance. Nobody will notice… it’s not like in a boot camp when you fall down on the floor breathless and everyone keeps jumping. That’s obvious. Faking it in spinning is more discreet. I love that. 3. …

Virtual blog tour

Today’s post is something different from everything we’ve done before. Today we are going to open up and speak about our creative process and how The slow pace works. Spotted Cow, one of the Wandering cows (and one of the nicest people we’ve met through the blog) asked us to participate in this project and we couldn’t say no. We don’t usually like this kind of things but since we all struggle to create content, I thought it would be really interesting to read about how creative minds work and share tips and bits. So this is going to be a looooong post. You better grab something to drink, cuddle up in your sofa and… let’s go!

Living abroad

Yesterday was our third German anniversary. We’ve been living in Germany for three years now. I just can’t believe it. We arrived in Bremen a really cold night after missing our connection at CDG airport. We were exhausted, angry and sad. My grandfather had had a heart attack the day before our departure so I was worried sick. I remember thinking: tomorrow everything would be better. (Scarlett O’Hara style).

Random thoughts about September: tartan, glasses and German hairdressers

So we’re back. Back to Germany, back to work, back to routine. This year is harder than ever, though. This last week has been really complicated, we even couldn’t post! Sorry about that. I would love to say that I’m full of energy and looking forward to all the things that are going to happen this brand new season but… I miss my family and friends, I want to keep travelling and I don’t know if I like my job anymore. Sad face. So September, huh? Is it tartan making its come back… again? Yep. Fashion always surprises, no? Umpf… leather, darker shades… again. At least it looks like pink is going to be THE colour this season. Something bright on the horizon. But I’m afraid I’ll look like Miss Peggy. And grunge is back. Oh well, then I don’t need magazines, my old photos will do. Me, sitting on the back yard of my highschool being all depressed and thinking I was cool because I listened to very sad songs and read nihilistic books. …