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Snickers and peanut butter muffins

I’ve been wanting to bake this recipe for a long time. Snikers are P.’s  favorite chocolate bar and I love baking muffins so I knew it was going to be a success. Now, I’m writing this post with a little bit of discomfort after eating way too many muffins. Auch. So, if you prepare them be aware: they can be addictive and it has consequences!

Steak slice with lemon & thyme

We love good food. Even more when you need almost no time to prepare it. Spending hours in the kitchen is lovely, but spending just 30 minutes for the greatest result, that’s even better! If you, like us, love fast good food, you’ll love this book. Today we want to show you a fantastic, simple, delicious recipe direct from that book: Steak slice with lemon & thyme.

Chicken, mushroom and bacon pie

I didn’t know who Nigella Lawson was. That’s awful and unforgivable, I know. But the moment my friend V. introduced me to her books I became a huge fan. We’ve been trying some of her recipes but I have to admit that the ones included in her book Nigella express are our fave because they are all about good fast food. Everything in that book is easy, comforting and delicious. Besides, the recipes require almost no time to be on the plate ready to be eaten.