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Hello 2018!

Happy New Year! We are back from a crazy couple of weeks in Spain and we are still adapting to our slow-paced life in Germany. We hope you’ve had a wonderful time with your family and friends, we sure did and now it’s time to get back to work and our beloved routine. First of all, this is not a post about New Year’s resolutions, mostly because we don’t have any. We just hope 2018 brings health, that’s all. However, we are quite excited about 2018, a year that starts on Monday has to be a great one, no? And since this year looks so organised already, we want to get this online space all tidy, neat and prepared for the next months. So, here’s what you can expect from The slow pace this year…. What started as a travel blog has turned into a different thing because… well, because we can’t travel as frequently as we would want to, because I am a beauty addict and I love sharing whatever I’m coveting and because cooking …

Merry Christmas!

  Before starting with the preparations of a very special Christmas Eve, we want to wish you a very merry Christmas! This year has been a little bit weird for us but it’s been a great year! We move forward at a very slow but very steady pace and in 2017 we have started lots of exciting new projects. Hopefully this year has been good for you as well! We want to thank you for joining us every week and follow along. Those of you who comment frequently: thank you, friends! And those of you who never comment but always come back here for a dose of simple things, thank you too! So put on your pyjamas, hug your loved ones and enjoy these holidays!

A little update: On holidays, spinning classes and a happy new year

We are baaaack! After two weeks in Spain we feel like we need holidays to get over our holidays. We have no energy at all (Running after our nephew and niece on the beach was harder tan expected),  we feel weird in Germany (Where are the bars? And the people? And the olive oil?) and we have so many things to do that we don’t know where to start (168 mails this morning. Seriously?). I have an article due on Monday and I haven’t even started, we haven’t posted since Friday, our house needs a serious make over… well, at least we have unpacked and the refrigerator is full. We want to go back to our beloved/hated spinning clases this afternoon. Well, you know what? I’ve been attending these clases regularly for about three months now and I surprised my doctor: I haven’t lost a gram, nor have I gained any muscle. So what’s the point? I guess working out makes me go to sleep with a clear conscience. Please tell me that you work out and look …

Six places to welcome 2014

I have a cousin who loves Winter sports. He used to spend the first day of the year hitting the slopes in the Pyrenees. I remember that our grandpa always admired him for that. No party, no hangover. Just a nice night of sleep and a fresh start for the New Year all healthy and surrounded by nature. I find it great, don’t you? Not my thing, though ;) But for those of you who are adventurous and sporty, here you have six gorgeous places to welcome 2014 that will be perfect for you.

2013, please be kind!

2013 is already here and it’s time to talk about New Year’s resolutions. This image sums up mine. Sure I want lots of things to happen, but this year I’ve decided to keep it simple. I really hope this year will bring new exciting adventures and health to enjoy them. Just that. This year we will also try to improve this little blog… stay tuned for some changes!!! What about you? Do you make lots of New Year’s resolutions? Image via Patterson Maker.


January 1st: Every year when I was a child I would wake up early, have breakfast with my grandmother and then sit in front of the TV to watch the Vienna Philharmonic New Year concert with my grandfather. Afterwards I would daydream about attending the concert one day, sitting next to a Japanese lady in a gorgeous kimono, and clapping hands to the Radetzky March following the instructions of one of the best conductors in the world. Now that my grandparents are gone I keep this tradition alive, although without them is not the same… Anyway, I still daydream about visiting Vienna on New Year’s Eve and attending the concert in a Valentino dress if possible. I hope one day this dream will come true! (Including the Valentino dress please). Last year I visited the Musikverein, not the New Year concert, but still it was beautiful. I’m a step closer, I guess!! So, if you don’t party too much on New Year’s Eve and love a good concert, I highly recommend watching the concert with a …