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The Autumn edit by Nails Inc

During a short visit to Sephora in Copenhagen I spotted a cute box with this three beautiful Autumn shades, which were part of the Autumn Alexa Chung collection for NailsInc. I loved it… but didn’t buy it. Obviously, I regreted it afterwards. That’s so me. But on my birthday someone thoughtfully remembered that I wanted it and got it for me. Insert heart eyes emoji here. I’ve been using these three shades on repeat. Not only are the colours gorgeous, as you can see, but the formula is outsanding. I’d say it’s the best one I’ve ever tried! It’s really longlasting, the application can’t be easier and the color is ridiculously rich. Oddly enough my favourite shade is that dark green with grey-ish undertones. It’s called Battersea Park and it looks smarter than I would have thought. Instagram Exhibit A. Grosvenor Crescent is a deep aubergine shade that was the star of my Halloween week. Instagram Exhibit B. And finally you have the sweet pink/light browk, Uptown. My least favourite of the pack, but still pretty lovely. …

Summer nails

I hate nail art. I know it’s something that everyone is loving nowadays, but I hate it. I find it a little bit tacky and for someone like me, who just likes red, pink and coral shades in her nails, it’s just too much. Even though I’m quite classic when it comes to my nails, in Summer I go a little bit crazier, just like everyone else, and go for brighter shades and I even love a little bit of dark blue on my toes. These are my favourite nail polishes for Summer, if you’d like to see.