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Music always helps

Only Wednesday? Oh my! This week is neverending and super tough! We are struggling both work-wise (going back to work after more than two weeks of holidays is always a nightmare) and health-wise. The flu has hitted our little home, snif! But we have to get better because next weeks we are flying to London! With this situation leaving home every morning is not easy. That is why I try to get motivated with music. It always helps, right? These are my top 3 let’s-kick-ass-(but-politely)-and-have-the-best-time-possible songs of the moment. Happy by Pharrell Williams Move in the right direction by Gossip Roar by Katy Perry None of them is the kind of song that makes you feel like Beyonce while walking to work, but they are positive and, well, basically happy songs! So if you are having a hard time lately, you should listen to them! Any other let’s-kick-ass-(but-politely)-and-have-the-best-time-possible songs I should be aware of? PS: follow The Slow Pace on Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Image via Dump a day.

Xmas series: the playlist

Christmas is here!!! Yay!!! This is my favourite time of the year. I just love it! The decorations, the atmosphere, the food, the presents… and everyone seems to be nicer at Christmas!! The most important thing, though, is that we get to visit all our family and friends in Spain!!! I just can’t wait! That’s why we are going to dedicate several posts to the upcoming holidays during the following weeks. Everything from decor, guift guides, cards… all about Christmas! Lets get started with our Christmas playlist!

Enigmatic Iceland

We’ve always wanted to visit Iceland. We picture it as a enigmatic, breathtaking landscape with a fascinating cultural scene. As teenagers we were crazy about Björk’s music and her completely new aesthetic and afterwards we have been following Sigur Rós career. Iceland would be a great destination to enjoy nature, silence, northern lights, hot springs and, of course, music. 101 Hotel seems the perfect headquarters to explore the über modern Reykjavik! Have you ever visited this amazing country? We would love to know!

Zambujeira do mar – Festival do sudoeste

This lovely beach is placed in a tiny Portuguese village called Zambujeira do Mar. We used to go there every Summer to spend a few days during the Sudoeste Festival. It was a great Festival: not too famous, not too crowded and not too far from the beach. We spent the mornings lying in the beach and the afternoons and nights dancing and listening to our favourite bands. I remember Beck singing a cool version of Beyonce’s Crazy in love, a spectacular Moloko’s concert, an unexpectedly funny Morcheeba’s show, the best Jamiroquai’s concert ever and much much more… Oh, and I got so angry at The Cure’s concert!!! I was so excited before and so disappointed afterwards… It was great… I even liked camping then. Well, what can I say? I was young and inexperienced! So, if you like camping under pine trees (beware of the fire!), long Summer nights with your favourite music and Sagres beer, you should give it a try! This year the festival takes place from 1st to 5th August and it’s …

MUSIC! Everywhere you go…

Look what we’ve bought! How cute are these headphones? We love music, that’s why we always take music with us. Every trip we make ends up with its own song, wether we like it or not… Afterwards, every time we listen to that song it brings back lovely memories to our minds. Does this happen to you too?