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Moodboard: Cádiz

Every July we visit our family in Cádiz. Long windy days at the beach, lots of fresh fish and gazpacho for lunch, lazy siestas and night walks that end with hazelnut ice cream. And we’ve just booked our tickets! We can’t wait to play with our nephew and niece, visit the fish market and enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the cathedral. Oh, and hopefully my mother in law will prepare one of her amazing Tortilla de patatas for me!!!

Moodboard: Brazil

Almost three years ago, we met a lovely Brazilian couple here in Bremen. We became great friends but sadly, they had to return to their country and left us here all alone in Germany. We miss them terribly, so we’ve been thinking about planning a nice trip to visit them next year. We would love to get to know that country that before we met our friends seemed so far away, but now is closer than ever. The traditions, the food, the people… Our friends told us so many stories, curiosities, or simple facts that we didn’t know… Oh Brazil!  See you next year? Maybe?

Moodboard: Bretagne

This week we are in the mood for France. The Cannes Film Festival has made us miss the allure of our neighbour country. Even though the Côte d’Azur has always been the most popular sea side French destination, we have always prefered the charming Bretagne. Like all good love stories, our fascination with Bretagne started with a book, the story of Mont Saint-Michel. I always pictured this area in Winter, with a mysterious mist. But I think it would be wonderful  for a relaxing Spring getaway. Sun, sea breeze, crepes and… lots of stripes, mais bien sûr!!

Moodboard: Algarve

  One year ago, we enjoyed a relaxing long weekend in Algarve, South Portugal, and today we wanted to recall the experience through our moodboard. May seems the perfect month to walk along the peaceful and beautiful beaches, eat the exquisite fresh food, and of course discover the charming small towns. We will definitely come back!  

Moodboard: Venice

If you have ever visited this blog before, you know this is my favourite place in the world. If this is your first time here, you have just learnt one of the most important things about me. I’ve been in love with this city since I was a child. And the love story continues… Getting lost in Venice is something everyone has to experience before diying. Forget the hordes of tourists and focus on the architecture, the history and the unique personality of the city. Avoid for once Piazza San Marco and head to areas like Castello or Dorsoduro. Wake up at dawn and visit the Rialto Market. Plan a day trip to Torcello. Visit the Venetian Guetto. Buy a pair of gloves at JB Guanti. Mingle with the locals during aperitivo in the square next to Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo and don’t forget to come back for one of the best pizzas in Venice at Pizzeria alla Strega (Barbaria delle Tole 6418). Visit at least three churches. Enjoy a romantic dinner at …

Moodboard: New York

We’ve never been to New York. There, we’ve said it. Everytime we plan to go there… well, something happens and we change our plans. But we can’t stop thinking about this city. We think about how romantic it would be in Autumn, how charming spending Christmas there might be, how intriguing a Summer in the empty city could feel.. and we’d love to get to know New York in Spring. Someday…  

Moodboard: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities that grows on you. Charming, decadent and melancholic. This week we dedicate our moodboard to Lisbon’s miradoiros, steep streets and tiled facades. Long conversations overlooking the river at Miradouro Santa Catarina. A glass of wine in Bairro Alto. A morning wandering through the corridors of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. A night of Fado in Alfama. And of course, some Pastéis de Belém.

Moodboard: Seville

P. is spending this week at home, in Seville. She will be attending the famous Semana Santa and enjoying some quality time with the family. I will miss her so bad, but this moodboard will keep me motivated. Seville is such a wonderful city. Fun, warm, bright and full of art! If you are planning to visit Seville any time soon, check out our posts about the best place to have breakfast with the locals, Seville’s charming corners or the best spa in the most trendy hotel in town. And if you are going to Seville during Feria de Abril, don’t forget to read our guide to find out everything about casetas, rebujito and sevillanas: tips for guiris (that means you, foreigners) who want to make the most of this fun and great week.

Moodboard: Ibiza

Lately we’ve been dreaming in white and blue. We miss the sea and the sun. It happens every year around this time. Our muscles are tired of cold, our skin needs to be sunkissed and our spirits long for that boost that only the sea breeze can give. We want to spend some days in a quiet island… and Ibiza is constantly in our minds. Before the crowds invade the island for the high season, we would love to enjoy its authentic charm. Slow-paced breakfasts, lazy days discovering lonely sandy beaches and remote rocky coves, long walks in the quieter rural areas of the island… Pure bliss!