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Moodboard: Sardinia

Do you remember this post about travel FOMO, coming back to the same places over and over again and not being able to visit Maldives like a 20 year old Instagrammer? Well, we create these moodboards to encourage us to travel more and explore new destinations. And this time we almost made this moodboard came true before we even published it! Last month we spent a few lovely days under the sun in Ibiza (slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza coming soon!) but the first destination we had in mind was Sardinia. The fact that it was almost impossible for us to get there without spending less than 12 hours travelling was crucial. So we went back to Ibiza, which we love. But we still want to visit Sardinia, specially the North of the island. Let’s call these moodboards our aspirational motivation. That includes posing like an influencer with a towell glamorously wrapped around our heads at the beach, yes. Because how can you get a nice picture at the beach in real life? Respect for …

Moodboard: Tallinn

We probably shouldn’t say this, since this is (partially) a travel blog, but this year doesn’t look very promising travel-wise. You can say that life has gotten in the way of our exploring plans and we are in a travel limbo. We hope we can squeeze some weekend getaways in our schedule, though. The main problem that we face when planning weekends away is transport. Since there are not many direct flights available from/to our city, the possibilities for a quick weekend away are very limited. And before you ask us: what about trains? No, German trains are not an option. We love travelling by train as long as it’s not German. So when you have just a few destinations to choose from, you start thinking about places you’d never thought of before. Like Tallinn, for instance. And since there is a direct flight to Tallinn that makes a Friday to Sunday trip possible, we are seriously considering give it a go this Spring. Have you ever visited Tallinn? If you have, tips and recommendations …

Moodboard: Soho Farmhouse

Sometimes we choose our next destination because we feel the urge to stay at one particular hotel. We read a review or an article about it in our favourite travel magazine or blog and fell in love with the interiors, the spa or the breakfast buffet. And then we book our trip.

Moodboard: Iceland

During a few years I was obsessed with Iceland and Björk. Then I started obsessing about something else – University, those confusing years…- and forgot about it. But now that we are going to have a direct flight Bremen – Reykjavik, the obsession is back. 

Moodboard: Cortina d’Ampezzo

When you read these lines, we will be flying to Italy! We’ve decided to treat us with a little getaway to the mountains. The location: Cortina d’Ampezzo, a little village in the North of Veneto. I’ve always heard wonders about this sweet mountain retreat. My mum and my granmother used to speak a lot about it when I was a kid and made me dream about hot chocolate, white landscapes and pandoro. Well, after a very difficult year (lately all of them are, but this one… phew! It was rough!) we are going to spend a long weekend in a wonderful resort in Cortina. We will visit the Christmas market, we will spent long hours at the spa and we will eat a lot of cheese. We wanted to practice snowshoeing (something I’ve always wanted to do!) but guess what? There is no snow. That’s so us: we decide to go to the mountains and it doesn’t snow. Oh well, we will have a great time anyway! We can hike… or spend more time at …

Moodboard: Cassis

September starts today and with it, all the plans for the new year. Because September is the real January, isn’t it? This year, however, we are facing a quite strange September I’d say… We are in that moment of our lives where we have to wait. Life feels like a waiting room and it’s fine with us. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about new destinations. Quite the opposite! If we are in a waiting room, let’s read all the travel magazines! Lately I’ve been thinking about France a lot. Very strange because, honestly, it has never been among my favourite countries… I even want to start learning French! (See? New goals… that’s what September is for!) And since Cassis has been the star of Instagram this Summer (Lisbon was the queen of Instagram this Spring… it’s funny how travel trends develop thanks to social media) now all I can think about is sailing along the Calanques, spending sunny crispy mornings in the Cassis market and watching life go by from a lovely viewpoint …

Moodboard: Norway

  We love long Summer days. The air smells better, that mix of barbacue and fresh grass, people are happier, they look prettier and a simple cold drink in a terrace can make you feel alive and exultant. While the most traditional Summer destinations are placed in the warmest climates, we have been thinking about spending a few days in a milder latitude. What about a different Summer in Norway? Maybe in 2016… The Lofoten islands have been on our bucket lists for a while, but visiting the Stave churches or exploring the Fjords sound just as appealing. Oslo is one of the European capitals that we still have to discover. With a few beaches and islands near enough to arrange some pretty interesting day trips, it looks like Oslo has it all. However, Finnmark, home of the Sami, could be quite an exotic destination. Have you ever visited Norway? Would you recommend it for a different Summer?

Moodboard: Malta

So we have the nice weather, we have the swimsuit… now we need the destination. And after a not very nice experience this weekend in the North Sea, we’ve decided to focus again in the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s be honest: it’s the best place in the world. The weather, the landscapes, the food… Each country has such a huge cultural background that is almost imposible not to fall in love with the Mediterranean diversity and charm. Fantasizing about new destinations we came across some gorgeous images of Malta. How come have we never thought about this small country surrounded by the sea?

Moodboard: Girona

Is it ok to decide your next holidays based on ice cream? I asked myself that question last week on Instagram. And the answer was: absolutely! We would love to travel to Girona just to visit Rocambolesc – the wonderful ice cream parlor created by Jordi Roca-, and try one (or ten) of their amazing creations. We know you can find Rocambolesc in Madrid too but wouldn’t it be nice to eat our ice creams while strolling around the medieval old town in Girona? We can’t stop thinking about the incredibly bright blue waters of Costa Brava and this countryside hotel… But, again, the main reason to visit Girona would be these cones!!! Have you ever planned a trip based on food?