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Our favorite European neighbourhoods

We are lucky enough to have visited some of the most wonderful European cities more than once. The truth is that when one place fascinates us we can’t help but coming back to discover more about it. That’s how we have found our favorite areas in cities like London, Copenhagen, Paris and Venice. The reasons why we prefer these neighbourhoods are diverse: it could be a local vibe, a different atmosphere, a big concentration of nice restaurants or shops or a unique charm that simply appeals to us. Castello, Venice This is probably my favorite place in the world. The most authentic sestier of Venice, where you can get lost in the tiniest streets and practically see no one, contemplate in silence the wonderful canals and enjoy the little bit of real life that is still fighting the hordes of tourists in Venice. Here you can find our favorite accommodation in Venice, Residenze Cortenova, and one of our favorite restaurants as well, La Oliva Nera. Even though this area is not as impressive as others, it feels …

Top travel moments 2016

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to look back. Instead of making a compilation of our trips this year, we wanted to revisit those special moments that we’ve experienced. Those instants, minutes or tiny lapses of time when we forgot everything else and felt truly happy. The feelings that are worth the trouble, the reasons why travel heals your soul… The moment we entered our cosy apartment in Copenhagen after a whole day of exploring in January. That satisfaction of discovering new places and being awfully but happily tired with red, burning ears from the freezing wind. The moment we saw the most wonderfully starry sky in Mallorca, which took us completely by surprise and made us remember, both with joy and sadness, those who were not with us anymore. The moment we couldn’t stop laughing during our walk on the Thames Path with our friends after a wonderful brunch in a local cafe. We catched our breath, looked up and saw a wonderful view of the city on one side …

7 Instagram accounts to follow if you are in love with London

London is without the slightest doubt our favourite European metropolis. It’s absolutely riveting. Everytime we visit we discover something new. Sometimes by accident… but truth to be told, we usually do a bit of research. There is so much going on that we need help! In order to find inspiration and recommendations we always turn to Instagram. We’d say that nowadays Instagram is the best guide to plan a trip. Just search for #thecityyouwanttovisit and voilà! thousands of pictures, local tips, the best cafes, restaurants, parks, views.. all kind of information beautifully illustrated with wonderful images. Today we want to share with you our favourite Instagram accounts in case you are planning a trip to London… or if you just want to procrastinate scrolling gorgeous pictures of beautiful London corners: Mondomulia @mondomulia Giulia travels a lot, so basically you will find useful (mostly food & coffee related) recommendations for any trip you are planning, but she also shares incredible coffee spots in London and the restaurants you need to try.  If you are looking for foodie …

Druid St. Market

Every time we visit London we discover a new food market. This time, we went for a stroll around Druid St. Market, in Bermondsey. Very difficult to find, this little market is still a work in progress but we believe it has a lot of potential. Chaotic, small and loud. The cool factor seems not to be the most important aspect in this little food market (open Saturdays from 10 to 16 hours). Having fun, grabbing some amazing burgers, trying delicious pastries and craft beers is what matters the most. It’s a place to visit with a group of friends, but beware: it’s quite narrow so it gets terribly crowded.The shops are located under the arches on Druid Street and they have an industrial unit vibe. However, we found that precisely the disorganized atmosphere is what makes it so special. Food, antiques and one of the best truffles we’ve eaten share this space creating a creative and interesting mishmash.We didn’t stay for long, as we’ve mentioned it was way too crowded, but we sure made …

Columbia Road flower market

During the last five years we’ve been spending a few long weekends in London. As fascinating as the city is, it can be a little overwhelming because there’s so much to see and so little time! However, a couple of weeks ago we finally got to visit the charming Columbia Road flower market. Since it takes place every Sunday morning we hadn’t been able to stroll along its stalls before. Returning flights usually happen on Sundays and I’m always too scared to miss the flight, therefore I tend to reserve Sunday mornings for a lazy breakfast and a nervous trip to the airport. Not this time!

The slow pace guide to London

You know that London is one of our favourite destinations and if you checked our IG feed yesterday you would have seen a little preview of today’s post. Yes, after lots of long weekends in Marylebone, a couple of wonderful stays discovering the Southbank and a love story with Carnaby Street, we’ve finally decided to  publish The slow pace guide to London. Of course we are not Londoners, but just as we did with our Copenhagen guide, we wanted to share with you a few addresses that we love, hotels where we’ve stayed and other recommendations to savour, enjoy and love London. The slow pace way, of course!

Southbank Centre market, London

We would love to tell you that we had planned a visit to this little market because we know all the best food markets in London, but the truth is that we stumbled upon its lovely colourful stalls during a random walk. But aren’t these surprising findings the best moments while travelling?