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Fragrance wardrobe

We’ve used the same fragances for years. For her, by Narciso Rodriguez for P. and Le Feau Light by Issey Miyake for me. P. still uses the famous velvety scent by Narciso Rodriguez but my beloved perfume was discontinued three years ago. Drama. Why oh why did they discontinue that wonderful fresh scent? Since then, I’ve been using Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne mostly. But recently we’ve discovered our mutual passion for masculine aromas. They are susually lighter, fresher and more vibrant than most women fragances, which we usually find too sweet or too powerful.


This week is a joyful one: Summer begins and brings the sales with it! Even though we live in a neverending Autumn/Winter season, we always get excited with sales. It doesn’t matter that we don’t need sandals or light dresses. But! Since we are pragmatic (or maybe boring?), we try to look for basic timeless pieces. These are on our wishlist: 1. A girly dress: Isn’t this colour wonderful? I’m sure it looks gorgeous with a sunkissed skin. They also have it in black, which is also beautiful. 2. A white blazer: I’ve been looking for a white blazer and this one is fantastic. I love the classic cut and the faux snakeskin leather collar. It makes it different but still wearable. 3.  Statement earrings: I usually wear tiny earrings but these ones are so fun and Summerish that  I love them. I probably would feel a little bit Carmen Miranda wearing them, but still. 4.  This dress/shirt is sold out online. But I have to find it! I’ve seen it in lots of magazines and …

Amazona, Loewe

If you follow us you should know by now that I’ve been looking for my It bag for a long time, an investment piece, that classic that I will love forever… Givenchy’s Antigona was a serious candidate, but it wasn’t the one. I knew from the beginning which bag I wanted, but somehow I thought it wasn’t fashionable enough… This weekend I had an epiphany, though. Maybe it was because we had spent like 8 hours reading fashion magazines (our favourite hobby when lying on a sunbed in Málaga) but I finally realized that the Amazona bag was the one for me. Yes, it’s very classic, but that’s what an investment piece is about, right? Sometimes we let bloggers, magazines and trends interfere with our taste and style, we end up forgetting our personality or avoiding what we really like and what we really are for the sake of being fashionable, trendy… you name it.  I love this bag and I know I’m going to love it forever. It might not be the bag of …

Givenchy Antigona bag

If you are one of those women with a Celine Phantom bag, a couple of Loewe’s Amazona and a black Philip Lim Pashli satchel hanging in the closet, I envy you. You have all my dream bags. Now you only have to buy this gorgeous version of Givenchy Antigona bag and you’ll have it all!! Why almost every blogger on Earth has one of this beauties? I must have done something wrong with my life. I have a good job, but I have to pay rent and stuff. Save money for my retirement (in Venice, I hope). Eat at least twice a day and well, repair the washing machine… that kind of things. Girls with super great bags, can you tell me your secret? Almost no one reads this blog, so your secret will be safe with me ;) Image via Givenchy