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Find your red

How strange… we’ve featured a palette that’s not an eyeshadow palette? Yes, sir. The minute I saw the first ad of this beautiful, all kinds of red palette I started the hunt. I bought it, admired it, photographed it and tested it.

MAC Diva

To be honest, I don’t really like MAC. Sure, it was one of my favourite makeup brands a few years ago: it was so innovative, forward-thinking, so edgy… But suddenly it was too much for me. Now I prefer a subtle, easy going make up and, somehow, this brand doesn’t seem to represent what I am. I know that’s how branding and marketing work… and well, it works. For I feel more related with other brands’ images. However, every time I feel daring I visit a MAC counter. So a few weeks ago I headed to my local MAC looking for a deep berry, almost purple lipstick. I wanted something dark to pair with my new eyeshadow palette. Bright, soft eyes and a dark lip is the Winter look par exellence, isn’t it? And I found the gorgeous and ultra matte Diva (02). The name is so MAC! The formula is surprisingly soft and doesn’t live my lips dry. The color is quite long lasting and you can build it up, so you can have …

Coral is for Summer

I’m sure that if all the beauty addicts in the world had to choose just one color for Summer, 99% would choose coral. And I’m one of them. I’m that original! However, finding the perfect coral shade it’s not easy (#firstworldproblems). Most of the so called coral shades in the market are too orange, eventually turn into a sort of tomato red and others are almost neon and make your hands look dirty… After a whole morning interrogating all the experts in the beauty counters of my local department store, here you have the results of my field study. Dior has the perfect, bright, coral shade. And yes, I went for nails and lips because once you find it you have to stock up, am I right? For the lips I bought the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Adventure. It’s gorgeous and pretty longlasting. It’s quite poweful when applied directly on the lips, but if you blend it a little bit you can have a more subtle color. You can have a bold lip or you can blend it away …

Natural Autumn Make up

If you follow us (which you should) you already know that we are a tiny bit addicted to Clarins. We love their approach to beauty and their sublime yet natural shades. So, before everyone gets crazy about Christmas special editions, let’s take a moment to admire their beautiful Autumn collection. As soon as I saw that eye shadow I knew I had to have it. I know, I know, I said I would never buy any new eye shadow again but this one is the perfect brownish / taupe / greyish colour. It really is. And you apply it with your finger. Simple as that! It’s a cream to powder texture that looks beautifully matte and delightfully subtle. So, it has it all: quick application, perfect colour and dreamy texture. It’s the shade Rosewood and it’s been my go to eye shadow this month. And talking about natural and appealing shades, I can’t recommend you the Rouge Eclat lipstick enough. We got it in Strawberry sorbet, which far from being a bright Summer pink as the …

Beauty favourites

We’ve been using these products over and over again for the last month, so we might as well share them with you because they are absolutely fantastic. We are not beauty experts but, from not beauty expert to another… do you want to have a look?

The perfect Spring lips

I love lipstick because it’s the one thing you need to bright up your face. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the sun shines and the days are longer, there’s nothing easier and more flattering than a high pony tail, big sunglasses and a bright lipstick. Here you have my favourite Spring lipsticks and a little trick that will make you look gorgeous immediately.

Clinique Chubby

I think that a good lipstick is one of the most flattering accessories a woman can wear. It cheers up every face… if it’s chosen correctly. I have been looking for the perfect burgundy the whole Winter. It was the most trendy shade to wear, but somehow I couldn’t find the right one for me. Finally I did. Clinique chubby lipstick, grandest grape. It’s super moisturising, the colour stays for quite a lot of time and it’s really easy to apply. I know, I know, Winter is almost gone… I’m always late… but not for Spring! I’ve decided to buy the curvy candy, a lovely light pink, and the chunky cherry, a statement fuchsia to be prepare for warmer weather and sunny getaways. Have you ever tried these lipsticks?  No? You should! You can have a look at them and buy the one you like here. PS. That book by Emily Schuman, from Cupcakes and cashmere is really inspiring!