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Who doesn’t love dainty jewellery? After a few years loving statement necklaces, we went to the opposite direction. Isn’t that something frequent when it comes to trends? Now all we wear are tiny, delicate pieces that are perfect for our daily routine.  

We survived the Kayla Itsines’ BBG

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll know Kayla Itsines. Together with her boyfriend she has created a series of guides – the Bikini Body Guides – that are supposed to take you from coach potato to beach babe. So last October we decided to give them a try. Just look at the hashtag #bbgprogress on Instagram and you will be, at least, intrigued. Well, after completing the first round (there are three of them) I have my own thoughts about this famous fitness programm.

Looking forward

Even though all I see while browsing though Instagram are palm trees, white sandy beaches and lots of bikinis, I’m already looking forward to Autumn. Maybe too soon? Well, the days are shorter now, the air is fresher and last week, instead of making the most of the sales, I found myself with this hat in my hands. Autumn has always been my favourite season, what can I say? I look forward to wearing my trench with loafers, bundling up in warm pijamas for long lazy Sunday mornings… And, to be honest, these three launches are making September look much more interesting!

Block heels

I have a lot to thank Alexa Chung for. She has rescued the classic black eye liner, which happens to be one of the few makeup looks that fits my small eyes, from the 50’s makeup section and she has shown that flats and block heels can be fashionable too. And that’s fantastic because those are almost the only heels I wear. I’m lazy and I tend to put comfort first, so I always gravitate to this kind of heels. Thank you, Alexa, for bringing them back. I bought the ones in the picture in one of my favourite shops in Vicenza, Lazzari. They are handmade in Italy, in Florence to be exact, and they are the perfect basic: they look gorgeous with black or little white dresses and they dress up your jeans and stripe tees beautifully. You can get a very similar pair here and they are on sale!

The little white dress

During the last months we’ve been trying to edit our wardrobes. We recently donated four suitcases full of clothes to charity (Yes, four suitcases. Insert embarrased emoji here) and we want to sell a few pieces as well (tips on how to sell clothes on-line would be appreciated!). However, this process has showed us that even though we had plenty of, well, everything, we were lacking some key basic pieces. That’s why we have been looking for a nice little white dress to complete our Summer staples. And here comes the never-ending dilema: do we splurge or do we go for a high street piece? 1. This dress would be a total splurge (crazy price tag!) but it’s so basic and minimal that it will fit perfectly into our closet. And we can wear it to the office too. 2. This was love at first sight. The cut will be perfect for my silhouette, it’s timeless, it’s beautiful and… broderie anglaise. 3. This dress is a total bargain. Fresh, basic… the kind of piece we will buy …

Coral is for Summer

I’m sure that if all the beauty addicts in the world had to choose just one color for Summer, 99% would choose coral. And I’m one of them. I’m that original! However, finding the perfect coral shade it’s not easy (#firstworldproblems). Most of the so called coral shades in the market are too orange, eventually turn into a sort of tomato red and others are almost neon and make your hands look dirty… After a whole morning interrogating all the experts in the beauty counters of my local department store, here you have the results of my field study. Dior has the perfect, bright, coral shade. And yes, I went for nails and lips because once you find it you have to stock up, am I right? For the lips I bought the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Adventure. It’s gorgeous and pretty longlasting. It’s quite poweful when applied directly on the lips, but if you blend it a little bit you can have a more subtle color. You can have a bold lip or you can blend it away …

The Summer edit

We sometimes feel overwhelmed by the huge range of products that on-line shops offer nowadays. Possibilities are endless and we end up tired of scrolling down and seeing so many different styles. For someone who struggles to make up her mind about pretty much everything, on-line shopping is a nightmare. So when we see an edited collection we jump in immediately. That’s why we love Net-a-Porter’s Summer shop. And here you have our wishlist! Four different looks for four different Summer destinations. For the Tropical beauty: a bright orage palm print one-piece paired with a handmade crocheted cotton tote and this gorgeous Rosantica’s ‘Spiaggia’ bracelet. Feeling more Mediterranean? We have three more looks for you if you’d like to see…

Reiss SS2015

So this year it looks like we won’t have a proper Spring. And frankly, we have no hopes for Summer. Let’s say we will go from Winter to Autumn and back to Winter. That’s why we hate all those shops with white dresses, embellished sandals and bikinis in every corner. This is Germany. We don’t need that! What we do need is a transitional wardrobe that can look a little bit Summery while helping us coping with cold mornings and the occasional rain showers. Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect collection for us, poor Northern Europe inhabitants! (#firstworldproblems, I know)