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Stop the glorification of busy

A few years ago I read this post, which led me to this article, which changed my approach to life completely. When I read it I was recently promoted, in a new country with all the mess that moving to another country implies, this online space was born… I was really busy. But, was I? Deep down we all think that being super busy is super cool. It’s like when we complain/ brag about being in a worst situation than the person we are talking to. Somehow we’ve made suffering cool. With my catholic background is something understandable: that guilt that the nuns teached us at school sticks with us for the rest of our lives. But how is that possible in today’s society? We are the most hedonistic generations. Wellness is the new religion, but still the fact that we don’t have enought time is something we are even proud of.  Isn’t it absurd? Since I read that article I’ve tried to give priority to what is really important (Instead of saying “I don’t …

Bye bye Spain!

Today we are heading back to Germany. Sad face. Our Spanish holidays are over. Super sad face. We’ve had a great time with our family and friends and now it’s time to go back home and get used to our routine. We’ll miss the joyful days at the beach in Cádiz with our family, the vibrant life in Madrid, the reunions with old friends in the rooftops of Seville and the lazy days full of laughters in Málaga. This time of the year usually seems to be a new beginning: back from holidays you are supposed to have the energy to face new challenges and projects. That’s how I feel every year for August and September are my January. Not this time, though. I really don’t know how I’m going to cope with work, that terrible German weather and the constant fear of missing important moments of our family and friend’s life. Any ideas? How do you get over this difficult back to reality time? Image via HonestlyWTF

At home, at last

Hi everyone! After a non-stop working week we finally get to spend the weekend at home. We can’t be happier! We will bake, watch some movies, read, try new nail polishes, maybe go to the gym and, the most important thing: we won’t set the alarm clock! Yay! What are you up to?