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AB NATURAL, the new collection by Antonio Bayona

Today we are thrilled to wellcome in our blog the new collection of Antonio Bayona: AB NATURAL. After two fantastic collections: AB Colours and AB Basics, AB goes back to the roots of the art of jewellery: precious metals and natural gemstones. AB Natural consists of four pieces made of sterling silver and plated either with rhodium or 18K yellow or rose gold. The principal elements are the high quality gemstones, also handcrafted in Spain. In this collection two new designers collaborate with AB: Inma Soria and Sonia Carmona. Alba Cuallado and Alba Bayona repeat their succesful collaborations with the brand.

La Montre, Isabel Marant

We are big fans of Isabel Marant. I mean, she has created these boots! But we have to admit that this watch is our favourite piece of all her collections. Ever. No words. It’s simply perfect. I always wear my grandfather watch, but if I didn’t this would be the watch of my dreams. Don’t you love it? Images via Isabel Marant.


I love tiny jewelry. Well, I love jewelry in general but since I’m quite petite (I’ve been called Willow… so you get the picture) statement jewelry doesn’t look very nice on me. Anywho… Since I discovered Catbird I’ve been wanting one (meaning several) of their pieces. This one in the picture is my fave. You can order it here. But there is more…