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Everyday jewellery

There are a few things that help me start the day in a better mood: 1. Having a nice breakfast with my other half. Nothing fancy, just fruit, some protein and a good cup of coffee while we check the news online and we speak about our days and whatnot. 2. Doing my makeup. You know that’s my meditation. 3. Choosing a tiny accesory that gives a small but pretty twist to my comfortable, casual look of the day.  4. Bumping into an old man on my way to work who always wishes me good morning with a warm, happy smile. While I will talk about point number 3 today, point number 4 is one of the best things that has happened to me since I moved to Germany. That gentleman is a definitely a highlight of my life in Bremen. But back to accessories. During my university years I would wear earrings every day, they were my thing. Then I went crazy for big, JCrew inspired statement necklaces. And when I moved to Germany …

Understated jewellery

We’ve been following the work of Monica Vinader for a few years now. And I say following because we discover this brand in different blogs and social media channels. Her delicate pieces looked subtle and beautiful in many online editorials, but it was never an agressive approach, it was a piece here and a piece there… which brand was it? Where could we get one of those elegant and sober pieces? Monica Vinader is a British jewellery line that makes unique pieces. We are sure that you have seen some of their famous friendship bracelets in the most stylish wrists. But maybe you didn’t know it was a piece by Monica Vinader. It seems that this brand runs away from the obvious, so everything around it is discreet, evocative and always elegant. We adore the minimalist, stackable signature bangles, which have a tasteful Scandi vibe to them. However, we particularly love Monica Vinader’s gemstone jewels, which are bespoke cut to expose their natural variations. These Siren Stud Earrings are the perfect example of understated luxury. They look wonderful …


Who doesn’t love dainty jewellery? After a few years loving statement necklaces, we went to the opposite direction. Isn’t that something frequent when it comes to trends? Now all we wear are tiny, delicate pieces that are perfect for our daily routine.  

Eiger Gallery

A few weeks ago we met our friend Alba at the London Design Museum cafeteria.  After a cup of coffee (properly instagrammed here) and a little bit of chit chat, she introduced us to her new project. Alba is quite the creative type, so we expected something original, unique. And she didin’t disappoint. Together with Terence Woodgate, designer of lighting and furniture, Alba Bayona is taking jewellery to the next level.

Toubab Paris

We love tiny delicate jewellery.  That is what we wear… if we wear any jewellery at all. But I have a thing for statement necklaces. I just can’t help it. I think they immediately dress up an outfit, make it look more polished, 0riginal and edgy. I love them.  Last week I discovered this brand, Toubab Paris, and I thought I had to include their work in this section because I really need one of its pieces. I really do. They look exotic… but they actually are hand-made in France. The designer, Maud Villaret, creates unusual pieces that bring together travel treasures, symbols, poetry and colour. And they are absolutely stunning. Don’t you think they would be the perfect accessory for your Summer looks? They are launchig their on-line shop shoon. In the mean time check here their points of sale!

AB: new season, new colours

You know we love the work of our friends at Antonio Bayona Jewellery. We have collaborated with them for almost two years (Wow! Time flies!) and we love how they have grown. Not every day we have the chance of witnessing the creative process of an exclusive brand that only produces handmade pieces! Today, we want to show you the new colourful pieces they have added to their collection. The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer and we are all longing for this new season! Even us, monochromatic all-black-sometimes-grey-or-navy girls, want to add some luminosity to our wardrobe. And this pieces are the perfect way to do so. Pops of colour to cheer up your looks. Besides, how gorgeous are those rings? Oh, and the bracelets are customizable: you can choose your favourite enamel colour and go all matchy-machy with your other AB pieces. The best part? Today you can get a 15% off in all AB pieces!!! Head to their shop and treat yourself! PS: If you prefer tiny delicate jewellery, they have …

Valentine’s Flash Sale!

Valentine’s day is getting closer and wether you are in a relationship o not, it can be complicated. But you know what? Any excuse is good when it comes to celebrate and look for a nice present. So…. Looking for a little somethin’ somethin’? Our lovely friends from Antonio Bayona Jewellery are willing to help all the lovers with good taste and all the girls who fancy a little treat this 14th of February! They are offering a very special flash sale with a 20% discount on selected items in all their collections, ONLY FOR 2 DAYS! The promotion will start on Monday 3rd February at 9:00am and go on until Tuesday 4th February at 9:00pm. I personally would love to be surprised with these rings! PS: Stay tuned for our Weekend Style Icon post this afternoon! It’s all about French chic!


GREAT NEWS! Our lovely friends from AB Jewellery celebrate their first anniversary and they will be hosting an amazing flash sale from December 2nd (8 a.m.) to December 4th (8 a.m.). You will have 48 hours to find that perfect piece to enhance your holiday looks! Go to their web to have a look and choose your favourite AB! I would go for any of their earrings or for this super fashionable soft pink ring. But if you want to splurge a little bit, I recommend you their new collection. Remember, next week you have a date with AB Jewellery!